Larry Page: Computers are going to prevail Every Aspect of Human Life

Larry Page: Computers are going to prevail Every Aspect of Human Life

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Larry Page, the Cofounder and CEO of Google said that computers are going to take our place, they will do our job and there is no way around it.

Questions such as wouldn’t people be happier if 90 percent of their work is done by computers? Why shouldn’t you and your children relish the inexhaustible cheap power from nuclear fusion? Occupy Larry Page’s mind.

At 41, he plans to develop something bigger than the Google original idea of developing a massive search engine. Page plans to spend the cash coming in from the enormous search engine on the subsequent century’s technological bonanza.  

After foreseeing the future along with all the possibilities it holds, Page says that with the help of computer we can solve a lot of problems that we have as humans. However, the company’s tag lines such as make this world a better place, or don’t be evil will become old-fashion in front of their new mission. 

Page, on the other hand, is forbiddingly stern about his altruistic principle along with his outsized ambition. He does not plan to shrink an inch from his principles and he said that society is very important to Google; the goal of society is our primary goal. In addition to this he said that we always say that we haven’t achieved what we can with Google and we haven’t succeeded as much as we would want to.

Page said that Google needs to have a new mission statement and they are working on it as it’s already famous and far-reaching mission statement is not enough for what he has in mind. 

There was a change in Page’s display characteristics and his personal style during the meeting at Silicon Valley headquarters. The reason behind this change might be that he is now running a company which has more than 55,000 employees and this adds to his responsibilities. He was also very careful with his words. However, he was stern about his expansiveness of ideas and his ambition. 

The father of two has become more concerned about long term issues such as education. Page is currently running the world’s most powerful tech companies and he is on the edge of technological change. Google’s goals are bigger than most of the technological companies yet the cash keeps coming in.

Google now exceeds $63 billion. According to Page Google currently is in an “uncharted territory” and they are not sure about how to utilize all these resources or the betterment of the world. In addition to this he said Google is trying to create a positive impact on the world with the help of these limitless resources. 

Page says that new technology will make the business 10 times more efficient and the things that are necessary in order to lead a comfortable life will become very cheap. He then said that these things are going to happen and you can’t simply wish them away.

We soon will have very amazing competences in the economy and the computer will do the job for us, according to Page. He also said that instead of running from this idea, you should embrace it as this is going to happen and there is no way around it. 

Source: FT Magazine

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