Laverne Cox Respects “Orange is the New Black” Cast

Laverne Cox Respects “Orange is the New Black” Cast

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Laverne Cox said that she has a lot of respect for the cast of “Orange is the New Black.” And Cox also joined hands with 50 cents in order to promote awareness about LGBT youth.

Netflix recently aired its new series “Orange is the New Black” which was mainly centered on subjects having to do with lesbians, gays, and bisexual as well as transgender individuals. Initially it was thought that this series would not be liked by audiences due to its bold nature. However the success of this series tells us a totally different story. This series was an instant hit after its premiere. All the actors of “Orange is the New Black” were actually most surprised by the positive reaction from the audience. 

This series reflects on the lifestyle of women living in prison. All the episodes show unique experiences shared by all prison mates. The lead role in this series is played by a lady who is imprisoned for drug dealing. She is playing a role of a lesbian and many episodes deal with her relationship with her lesbian girlfriend.  OITNB shows scenes promoting gender equality and themes of sexuality. It is highly acclaimed for its script and plot by critics. It was reported that all crew members on OITNB are very friendly with each other. They are very close and have a special bond which is reflected in their performance as well.

Laverne Cox said that closeness and respect for each other was the real reason behind the success of this show. Laverne Cox also said that every member of OITNB is very talented. She also revealed that she learnt a lot just by watching her co-stars work on the set. She said that she was felt very excited when she got involved with this project. Laverne Cox got her big break through this series. Many other co-stars of Laverne Cox also got themselves recognized via working in this series. 

Laverne Cox, who is 30-year-old is an Emmy nominee. She was the first transgender actress to receive this nomination. She will be hosting a benefit concert for LGTB youth this year. 50 cents, Salt-N-Pepa and the Dixie Chicks will perform in this concert. All the performances in this concert will be in support of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender youth who are homeless.

Source: E! News , Rollingstone

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