Leah Remini dines out with Daughter Sofia after making it Big on DWTS

Leah Remini dines out with Daughter Sofia after making it Big on DWTS

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Leah Remini dined out with her daughter Sofia after making it big as a guest host on DWTS.

It is time to pop the champagne corks! Leah had a power lunch with her daughter Sofia in tow yesterday. That was after she got a whole lot of applause for her stint on DWTS recently. She was a participant on board the exciting show and she had temporarily taken the slot left vacant by Erin Andrews. 

Her performance was absolutely stunning and left the onlookers amazed, dazed and amused. The tweets just kept coming in about her wonderful class act. Leah was feeling on top of the world as she ventured to Los Angeles to have a hearty lunch with her hubby and daughter. 

She wore a black and white ensemble consisting of horizontal stripes. Her pants were dark in color. A bra strap was visible from beneath her casual sweater. She also sported a black leather clutch and had dark shades on the bridge of her nose.  

As for the makeup Leah wore, it suited her to a T. She appeared to be drop dead gorgeous. Her rosy cheeks and the bronze eyeliner made her the queen of the moment. All eyes must have been on her in LA. A haphazardly-assembled chignon was how her hairstyle was done. 

As for her hubby, who is a musical artist and actor, he wore a simple white tee along with blue jeans. He also sported aviator glasses. Her prepubescent daughter was still stuck in her school uniform and followed Leah slowly from behind. 

She had the good looks of her parents. That would be Leah’s Sicilian lengthy black hair and her pop’s Puerto Rican slightly yellowish brown skin. The three definitely needed a break after the pressures of DWTS, education and musical and performing arts had been weighing down heavily upon them all respectively. 

Look who came to support her girl @jlo @dancingabc #dwts19

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They probably had a good time eating and conversing with each other in the downtown LA eatery. Such quality family time is something every couple needs to engage in from time to time for a healthy bonding between parents and children not to mention husband and wife. 

Don’t worry @derekhough was not injured during his interview with me on @dancingabc #dwts19 #nobodygothurt

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Source: DailyMail

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