Lewis Hamilton is won Formula One Championship 2014

Lewis Hamilton is won Formula One Championship 2014

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The Formula One championship 2014 is almost certain to go to Lewis Hamilton. Nico Rosberg has technical issues.


Lewis Hamilton won the race in Abu Dhabi and is the 2014 Formula One championship. Prince Harry was the first to gratulate via radio.

The deciding Formula One race in Abu Dhabi is entering the final stretch. All points to Lewis Hamilton winning the 2014 Formula One Championship. Nico Rosberg would need to end the race in top 5, but he has car troubles. He lost power as the ERS fails. Now he also got brake issues in lap 42 out of 55.

Lewis Hamilton is set to take the lead in the race again from Massa.

This is too bad that car problems are deciding the Formula One championships between the two Mercedes pilots. Rosberg just had the slowest lap of all cars in the race and is already out of the top 5.

The Guardian has a good live blog of the race in case you do not have a TV nearby.

Twitter is already lighting up with Tweets about the Formula One race and Twitter users are feeling with Rosberg.

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