LG wins 10 CES 2015 Innovation Awards

LG wins 10 CES 2015 Innovation Awards


CES 2015 has awarded LG Electronics for its innovative ideas and design.

LG Electronics, the world leading technology company has been awarded the innovation award for the third time in a row. Every year the company is awarded because of its great ideas and unique products. The company has been able to make its mark in all possible categories. 

CES, Consumer Electronics Association which is arranged and managed by CEA recognized LG for their unique, diverse and excellent technology. The team of  CES 2015 International awarded LG ten prestigious Innovation awards.

The four major categories in which the company has been awarded include Computer Peripherals, Home Appliances, Wireless Handsets and Video Displays. Every year at CES 2015 International LG mobile devices, home appliances and home entertainment are given the award of excellence.  

The Head of North America sales and Senior Vice President, Morris Lee said that the Smartphones which are introduced by LG at CES 2015 have set the bar high and they are reshaping innovation of tomorrow. 

The company has redefined the image of ‘Smart’, it has shown how ‘Smart’ can be simple and easy. LG created a Smartphone that is easy to use and its 5.5 inch Quad High Quality display lets users enjoy endless movies and dramas.

Consumers can take pictures that are amazing and different because of its 13 megapixel camera. The amazing Smartphone by LG Electronics is among the leading mobile phones of the year. The phone is available at BestBuy Mobile, Verizon Wireless, U.S. Cellular, T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T. 

LG electronics is going to launch the first ever ENERGYSTAR dryer. This dryer is certified by Ecohybrid and it is the first dryer in the United States of America that focus on recycling the heat. This kind of technology is usually found in LG’s Dehumidifiers that are present in the laundry room and LG air conditioners.

ENERGYSTAR dryer received the Emerging Technology Award at CES 2014. The main idea behind the dryer is to combine the heat pump with an orthodox vented drying technique. ENERGYSTAR has to ability to save 50 percent of energy without compromising on the performance. 

LG’s 77- inch flexible 4K OLED TV is another product that was launched at CES 2015 international. The television has the ability to adjust the degree of curvature and this adjustment depends on the type of content that is being viewed and the number of people watching the Television.

The CEO and President of LG Electonics USA, William Cho said that LG has received many Innovation Awards by CES 2015 and this proves the company’s commitment to their brand promise. He then said that LG is really excited to be a part of the CES 2015 International and it is looking forward to introduce these groundbreaking new products at the world leading technology event. 

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CES 2015 is going to take place on the 6th of the coming month and the event is going to last for three days. Individuals and companies from around the globe take part in this event. It is a platform that allows people to share their consumer based products and services. 

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