USC tops Holiday Bowl 2014 by vanquishing Nebraska

USC tops Holiday Bowl 2014 by vanquishing Nebraska

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The USC topped the Holiday Bowl 2014 by vanquishing once and for all the Nebraska team.

The USC finished off Nebraska in a National University Holiday Bowl 2014. The venue was Qualcomm Stadium. A rapt audience of 55,789 people attended the event. The Trojans had many trade secrets that they jealously guarded and employed in defeating their opponents on the field.

The coach had this much to say that while his team had lost in the past, now that it had had a resounding victory, the players wanted to make it an entertaining and exciting spectacle for the audience.

By the time they had won the game, they were headed in the right direction and that was towards greater competition and a worldview of self-confidence and self-esteem. They were ready to fight the good fight. Nebraska tried its best yet it was close but no cigar.

The Holiday Bowl 2014 game was an interesting one with Tommy Armstrong Jr. and Jordan Westerkamp exchanging a pass between them. The Nebraska team coach spoke of how the rivals were well equipped physically and psychologically. And while at the end, any one of the two teams could have won the game, the victory went to the swift of foot. 

Both series of players had their strong points and their weaknesses. Yet in the end the odds came out even and the Trojans snatched the crown. Many of the players had their own personal stories to tell.

One of them even had his dad tell him what he wanted from his son before the game started. While the Trojans had faced a lot of hard knocks in the past, now they were trying to break on through to the other side.

And the amazing thing was that this became a self-fulfilling prophecy. They did achieve the impossible. Cody Kessler and Buck Allen not to mention Ameer Abdullah showed the world in Holiday Bowl 2014 what they could do in the playing field.

And it was the combined effort that bore fruit in the final analysis. Although Nebraska too put up quite a show of strength and bravado, when push came to shove (no pun intended) the winner took it all while the loser had a fall.

And unfortunately it was Nebraska that ended up holding the short straw. It was a tragedy of sorts yet if they could learn from this defeat, they /4/emerge winners of Holiday Bowl the next time.  

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