LOOP returning to CES 2015

LOOP returning to CES 2015


Company to show new cord innovations

LOOP is known for their cord technology for earphones and other mobile technologies and the company has announced that they will be at the International Consumer Electronics Show 2015. CES 2015 will take place in Las Vegas starting January 6, 2015 and will run up until January 9, 2015. Last year seen LOOP showcasing their anti-tangling technology for cord wires at CES 2014 and with the newest editions of cords the company looks to show off three new product designs that are sure to capture the imagination of today’s consumers.

The CEO and inventor of LOOP is Scott Rodwin and Rodwin says that he is looking to build on the hype at CES 2015 that was so very evident at CES 2014. Rodwin has stated that the input that he got from consumers at last year’s International Consumer Electronics Show allowed for him to build a bigger and better product. Rodwin says that this year at CES 2015 his company will be introducing the Super LOOP, the Max LOOP, and the Super Max LOOP.

The new and improved LOOP cords will work with just about any mobile device and they will also come in 9 different and distinct colors. Three colors that most consumers will like are black, white, and clear and Rodwin says that they will be three of the new colors. The ergonomics of the new LOOP cords are very nice and they are able to wind up and come out with the utmost of ease.

Scott Rodwin is an award winning and internationally known engineer and architect and is the main developer of the LOOP cords and he said that the inspiration of LOOP was the fact that the cords on his own earbuds and headphones would tangle and thus decrease the life of them. The LOOP booth and Rodwin will be exhibiting their new wares at CES 2015 at the Eureka Park Next area that will be located at The Sands. The booth number for LOOP will be designated as #75622.

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