Liam Payne targets Justin Bieber on Twitter

Liam Payne targets Justin Bieber on Twitter

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  • Liam gets funny on Twitter

One Direction’s Liam got in a squabble with a Bieber fan and commented about not being jailed as well as covered up his actions as funny when he covered band mate Zayn Malik’s face during a photoshoot.

Liam might be trying to keep his Twitter non-offensive and light as possible. When you’re away from home and enjoying yourself and have crazy fans as that of 1D, things tend to get a bit out of hand.

When a Bieber fan taunted Liam that how it felt to never be more successful than Justin Bieber, Liam replied to the tweet by saying, ‘Atleast I have never been arrested.’ The comment was of course pointed to Justin’s numerous run ins with the law and while Justin seems to be on the mend, Bieber’s fans didn’t take Liam’s reply as a joke and a full spiteful Twitter battle ensued between Bieber fans and 1D fans who were defending Liam’s comment. Liam however took no action to remove the tweet or give an apology. 

He did however apologize on another tweet. While posing with their platinum poster on their Asian tour with a couple of fans, Liam intentionally covered Zayn Malik’s face with his hand. Zayn was not in the photoshoot.

Liam was spited by 1D fans for hiding Zayn’s face. He apologized to the fans saying he just meant it as a joke trying to make a situation lighter. While it remained successful, 1D fans are forgiving, telling him to hide his own face next time if he had to.

It would have been easier presumably for Liam if Zayn had been there to laugh at the joke. Zayn however is hiding his face for real. After his photos with a certain Essex blondie in Jakarta hit social media, Zayn has come under close scrutiny.

Under pressure of being in fear of loosing his fiancée Perrie Edwards of the Little Mix, the star quit on the tour and went back to London. The band is covering up for Zayn saying he wasn’t feeling well and he will be re-joining the band in South Africa. 

It is already known that Zayn has had problems handling fame as well as his other band mates. He has also gotten in trouble in his relationship before so with all the fans’ best wishes and prayers, Zayn will be joining the tour soon.


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