Lume Cube Is The Best Flash And Video Light For For GoPro, IPhone & Android

Lume Cube is the Best Flash and Video Light for for GoPro, iPhone & Android

The Lume Cube happens to be the best flash and video light for miles. It works in conjunction with GoPro, iPhone and Android.

They say big things come in small packages. This is the case with the Lume Cube. It is a mini 1.5 inch cubical light that has the power to illuminate the place up by 1500 Lumens. Basically, it is an outdoor flash and video resplendence resource for iPhone, GoPro and Android devices. The light source allows images to be caught even after dusk. And it can be taken with you anywhere you like and can fit onto almost anything.

It is wrapped up in a liquid-proof silicone membrane. You can control and re-adjust its settings via your smartphone application. Synchronicity with a Bluetooth contraption is possible too. It carries the twin modes of a flash for pics and a steady light for videography. You /4/dim the light by as many degrees as you like.

A magnetic base and attachable suction force lets you plant the gadget wherever you please. The focal length is just perfect and There are many accessories that go along with the Lume Cube. You can click away to your heart’s content without replenishing the light source. It has a 2 hour long battery capacity and you can recharge it in an hour’s time span. 

“Lume Cube is a culmination of our careers, hobbies, technical capabilities and friendships. Nothing else like it exists on the market, and we are proud to offer it to everyone who loves to create imagery,” said Mornee Sherry, CEO of Think-Eleven. “I believe Lume Cube will be a true game changer for anyone who has been looking to shed a little light on their memories.” 

It is a fact of life that all exceptional photographic achievements were built on perfect lighting. The Lume Cube gives you access to night time photo opportunities in a jiffy. The light comes for $59 and it is very compact and durable. Plus there is no danger of red eye syndrome which is the bane of all photographs shot in bright lights. Your selfies will now be even more beautiful since they will reveal the intricate details. 

“The Lume Cube is a revolutionary little light. As avid photographer’s first, we noticed a fundamental problem with the small sensors in smartphones and GoPro cameras. We realized there is not a versatile, portable, power packing light in the market to solve this problem, until Lume Cube” said Nathan Oxley, Managing Director, IC12. “We are confident that Lume Cube will be a huge hit, not only with the Kickstarter community but with photographers of all skill levels.”

The Lume Cube is a truly revolutionary device since it is both versatile and agile in its features. It has changed everything about the scenario by allowing a night life of photography to be exposed.

From now onwards the time of day won’t matter at all and you can take pics whenever you want to regardless of the sun’s position. Lady Gaga’s song “Marry the Night” comes to mind here. The device will be available for all on shelves starting from February of next year. Be on the lookout for this wonderful gizmo which will make you a shutterbug in no time. 

Lume Cube has become one of the fastest growing projects on Kickstarter raising over $56,000 in just 72 hours while achieving top Staff Pick status today. It has been fully funded and it is now ready for production. Lume Cube will be available to general consumers everywhere in February 2015.

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