Lumia 535: Microsoft’s First Non-Nokia Windows Phone Price is $130

Lumia 535: Microsoft's First Non-Nokia Windows Phone Price is $130



Microsoft finally unveils its first non –Nokia Windows phone. A Smartphone that will define the future of Microsoft Window Phones.

Microsoft officially unveils its first Lumia device. Lumia 535 is the first Microsoft Windows phone that dropped the Nokia branding in favor of Microsoft. Now the phone has a Microsoft logo instead of Nokia logo printed on the back or the front. All the upcoming Lumia phones will have Microsoft branding instead of Nokia. However, the existing Lumias will be known as Nokia handsets. 

In order to push Lumia sales along with Windows Phone market shares, Microsoft introduces low cost Smart Phones. The tactic of introducing low budget Smartphones was adopted by Nokia before they join hands with Microsoft earlier this year. Although Lumia 535 /4/be low on specifications, but it does not compromise on user experience.

Whereas other Lumia phones that are low on budget, do compromise on user experience. The phone comes with a 5 inch HD screen. Its 1.2 GHz quad-core processor along with its 1 GB RAM allows users to enjoy fast multi-tasking. Although you can see the pixels clearly, yet the screen is not that bad.

The most prominent move that Microsoft has made is the addition of 1 GB RAM instead of the usual 512 RAM. Since most of Windows Phone games require higher amount of RAM, thus having higher RAM would help these games run smoothly.

A 5 MP forward camera has been introduced in Lumia 535 along with wide angle lens and auto brightness feature. Microsoft is tempting possible Lumia 535 users with its 5x5x5 proposition. 

This 5x5x5 proposition integrates five essential services of Microsoft including Microsoft Office, Skype, Cortana, OneDrive and lastly OneNote. Microsoft has been paying a lot of attention to these essential apps, but in vain.

With the exception of Cortana, the rest of the apps are very common and it’s hard to see them as differentiators. Because these apps work much better on iOS and Android phones as compared to Microsoft phones. It is very difficult for the company to limit these services only to Lumia phones because Microsoft earns a lot from them. 

The phone comes in two flavors: 3G smart Dual SIM or 3G Single SIM both have Windows 8.1 as operating system. Some of the major features offered by the phone include World Flow, Action Center, Cortana and Live Folders. The phone has inbuilt 8GB memory and it can support microSD card up to 128 GB.

You can also use 15 GB free storage offered by OneDrive to store all your documents and pictures. In case you are interested in big sounds, Lumia 535 would be the right choice for you. It supports Bluetooth LE and can be easily connected to Portable Wireless speakers. You can also connect your Lumia with ColoudBang using wires. 

Both Lumia 535 Dual SIM and Lumia 535 3G Single SIM will be available for consumers in November 2014. The estimated price of the phone would be around 110 EUR and the sales will start first in China, Bangladesh and Hong Kong. 

Source: Microsoft , LumiaConversations

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