Macauley Culkin Makes Fun of Death Hoax on Twitter

Macauley Culkin Makes Fun of Death Hoax on Twitter

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Macauley Culkin dead. This was the word that swirled around the internet yesterday triggered by an elaborate death hoax.

Death hoax of celebrities is nothing new. This weekend the victim was Home Alone actor Macauley Culkin. On Saturday Macauley Culkin topped the Google search query ranking because fans feared that he was dead. An elaborate death hoax got injected into the social web that got ran wild. A fake news  story with a fake TV news screengrab was the origin for the death hoax. See an example below.

Macauley Culkin has hit back at the death hoax by staging his own death on Twitter. He posted a photo of him handled like the dead guy in the 80s movie Weekend ad Bernies. Macauley Culkin can be quite the funny guy. 

Macauley Culkin is on tour right now with his band Pizza Underground that covers Velvet Underground songs with Pizza lyrics. I said he can be quite the funny guy, didn’t I. Such a little weekend death hoax sure helps ticket sales.

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