MacKeeper Coming To CES 2015

MacKeeper coming to CES 2015

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New MacKeeper 3.x to be main attraction

It has been announced by the leading security software company MacKeeper that they will be exhibiting at the upcoming International Consumer Electronics Show to be held in Las Vegas the week of January 6th through January 9th, 2015. MacKeeper software is one that is designed to help consumers a better and faster way to manage and manipulate their data and an even better and quicker way to get tech support when they need it. MacKeeper is also known for their security software as well. The company plans on releasing a subscription based product as well as a utility product.

CES 2015 will be the very first appearance of MacKeeper at the International Consumer Electronics Show or CES 2015 for short. The company has announced that during CES 2015 they will be featuring the third version of their MacKeeper suite which is tabbed as MacKeeper 3.x. The new version will have enhanced versions of the previous suites but the new one will feature a new ‘human assistance’ function and there will also be a subscription based service with the new MacKeeper suite. MacKeeper CEO in Alexander Kernishnuik says that he is very excited about coming to CES 2015 for the sheer fact that thousands upon thousands people will be attending CES 2015 which means more exposure to the MacKeeper product. Kernishnuik says that MacKeeper will give consumers more security and peace of mind when it comes to protecting their valuable and secretive datas.

MacKeeper executives like to tout their product as one that is like a Swiss Army knife. They believe that a subscription based MacKeeper service will be a very huge plus and advantage for their company. MacKeeper will be exhibiting at CES 2015 in the iProducts portion in the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center. The booth for MacKeeper will be located at booth #6338.


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