Magic Johnson has the Magic to solve Diversity Divide in Silicon Valley

Magic Johnson has the Solution to the Diversity Divide in Tech Industry

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  • Magic Johnson offers Silicon Valley a solution for diversity gap .


Erstwhile basketball player, Magic Johnson has the solution to the diversity divide in Silicon Valley as far as the scarcity of Blacks and Hispanic Americans is concerned.

The lacuna in diversity that is present in Silicon Valley is the most crucial issue that is being faced by America at the moment. But it looks like Magic Johnson, who used to be a basketball player once upon a time, has the answer to the riddle. 

He just needs you to give him a buzz. Magic Johnson is a big name in business among Black Americans. And finally he wants Silicon Valley and its high technology setup to absorb some of the minorities of the United States among its echelons. 

Johnson affirmed the fact that he had been at this job since the past three decades or so. So he knew the trade like the back of his hand. Some of other huge firms he had collaborated with in the past included Best Buy and Aetna

Johnson spoke of how the IT head honchos just needed to give him a call if they wanted any help from Blacks and Hispanics in this matter. He was just a few numbers away. 

“I’ve been doing this for over 35 years,” Johnson told USA Today. “I’ve done this for other big corporations as well: Best Buy, Aetna, on and on. I know how to do it. They just need to give me a call. If they’re looking for talent, give me a call. If they are looking for companies to partner with, give me a call.”

Such ginormous enterprises as Google, Apple, Intuit and Facebook are currently divulging their statistics on the race and sex profiles of their workforces. The results are quite depressing to say the least. 

They show a paucity of the minorities that matter the most. The majority of people working in Silicon Valley are Caucasian, Asian or male. The biggest missing minorities are Black Americans and Hispanic Americans. Take Intuit: the Blacks stand at a measly 4% while the Hispanics are at 6%. 

As for Google and Facebook barely 2% of their workers are Black. Meanwhile, when we look at the larger trend the record is still quite dismal. Among the overall workforce in the US of A, 12% are Blacks while 14% are Hispanics. It’s a crying shame. These minorities should be represented more fairly among the top rankings. 

African-Americans and Latinos “want to work for these incredible companies and brands. Who wouldn’t want to work for Apple or Google?” Johnson said. “And it would be better for them as a company as well. That’s what it’s all about.”

Actually, the Silicon Valley conglomerates are trying their best to hire all the Blacks and Hispanics they can muster, but the fact of the matter is that they cannot get their hands on very many qualified minorities. But Magic Johnson has given a guarantee that he will get them all the staff they need from African Americans and the Hispanic population. 

Ever since he ended his basketball career, Johnson has been investing here and there and is wheeling and dealing as well. He has built quite a business empire for himself. And he is willing to lend an ear to the people in his community who want to work in Silicon Valley.   

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