Marlon Wayans Gets Happy on Lip Sync Battle – Watch Video

Marlon Wayans Gets Happy on Lip Sync Battle - Watch Video

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  • Marlon Wayans Impersonates Pharrell Williams and Lip Synchs with Queen Latifah


Marlon Wayans has a kind of magic that spreads wherever he goes. Recently, he impersonated the legendary Pharrell Williams and lip synched with Queen Latifah much to the arousal and awe of the audience.

He is a comedy king alright! Marlon Wayans used the technique of tickling everyone’s funny bone to the hilt and cracked a few good ones in a Lip Sync Battle that took place on television.

Marlon Wayans competed with Queen Latifah who couldn’t stop laughing her head off at his antics. Wayans even mimetically tried to redo Pharrell Williams’ soundtrack to his song Happy. A brown hat was involved in the gig and Wayans came out as an exact humorous copy of Williams. 

The comedian, who has previously appeared as a star on In Living Color, said earlier on Twitter that his fans could expect to see him head-butt with the likes of Queen Latifah who is an institution in herself.

The Scary Movie fellow made some rough signature moves that freaked even that big mama, Queen Latifah. Marlon touched Queen Latifah in all the right places and proceeded to wrap her around his little finger. His hands were all over her during the performance.    

Watch me lipsync @pharrell happy on spike tv tomorrow

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After Queen Latifah could take it no more and walked away with her tail between her legs, Wayans decided to go the whole hog and went ahead and put the screws to the host LL Cool J who was genuinely shocked.

LL Cool J retreated posthaste and was glad he had managed to escape the clutches of the apparently AC/DC Wayans. However, later on he met his match in the challenging case of that seductive siren, Chrissy Teigen who shook, rattled and rolled along with him to the beat of another song.

Chrissy had on some very revealing clothes and her sex appeal must have sent a ripple or two up Marlon’s loins.  Watch below the video of Marlon Wayans Lip Sync Pharrell Williams’ Happy.

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