Marshawn Lynch just says Yeah in Post Game Interview

Marshawn Lynch's Answer to Media: Yeah

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Seems like the only word he knows is ‘Yeah’.

Marshawn Lynch gave a postgame interview and this time he did speak to the media. It seems that Marshall is camera conscious because when he even speaks to the media it seems it is due to an obligation. Such was this interview as well where he had no interest in talking to the media but the last time he refused to talk to the media he was fined $50,000 after last weekend’s game.

So this time he decided to talk to the media rather than getting fined again. The Seattle Seahawks won from Arizona Cardinals 19-3 in which Lynch had 15 carries for 39 rushing yards and three catches for 43 receiving yards.

Well Lynch had an answer to every question that was hurled at him by the reporters and that was ‘Yeah’. The whole conversation he had with the reporters was just ‘Yeah’.  

“How does that defense compare to others that you’ve seen this year?” Lynch answered “Yeah”.

“You were on the sidelines a lot, was the back alright?” and again Lynch answered “Yeah”.

It looked quite absurd that every answer was ‘Yeah’. He then talks about a charity dinner that he would be attending to benefit inner city youth in Oakland and then went on to his ‘Yeah’.

Well at least this time no one can complain that Marshawn Lynch did not talk to the reporters and he did save himself from a fine. In a total there were 12 ‘Yeahs’ and then he switched to ‘maybe’. Lynch managed to answer 22 questions in just 50 words. 

Lynch was previously fined $50,000 for violating the NFL media policy. He was fined before Super Bowl XLVIII but the league suspended the fine and explained that it would be re-instated along with an additional $50,000 if he refused to cooperate with the media in the future.

Recently after Seattle’s game in Kansas City on Sunday Lynch left the locker room early and did not talk to the media. However he did talk to two NPL reporters on phone later but it wasn’t enough to satisfy the league’s media obligations. So he was fined $100,000.

Throughout the interview Marshawn Lynch had a huge smile on his face and it looked as if he was teasing the reporters. It seemed that he was taking out his anger by giving such absurd one word answers and wasting the media’s time. Some reporters seemed to like what Lynch was doing and did even laugh in the interview.

Well at least Lynch has talked to the media after all and this time it was according to the league’s media policy. We also saw fans and other people take up this interview on Twitter, where it became the hot topic. People really enjoyed the show put up by Lynch though.

Let’s see how the NFL and the media take this. Is Lynch going to be fine once again after this absurd interview? 

Source: Yahoo! Sports

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