Marshawn Lynch Touchdown Fine is $11,050

Marshawn Lynch Touchdown Fine is $11,050

Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch (#24) leaps to score a 79 yard touchdown in the fourth quarter during the NFL game against the Arizona Cardinals at the University of Phoenix Stadium on December 21, 2014 in Glendale, Arizona. The Seahawks defeated the Cardinals 35-6 / Getty Images


Marshawn Lynch was awarded an $11,050 touchdown fine for bad behavior (one of the most ridiculous 79-yard runs) on the football field.

Marshawn Lynch is in deep trouble. The football player is in hot water for his stupid antics which he displayed in full view of the public awhile ago. The otherwise sensible player held the region around his private parts while making a 79 yard run. But he will have to pay up mucho cash for his supposedly macho behavior.

Over $11,050 in fine money is to be coughed up by Lynch to compensate for the idiotic act he did. After all, there is such a thing as public opinion and it clearly went against such bad taste which Lynch showed ample proof of.

However, the damage has been done to the NFL’s reputation since the scene where he grabs his midsection will get repeatedly shown again and again on television. What effect that will have on the young and impressionable minds of kids viewing the sports extravaganza alongside their parents is anyone’s lucky guess.

Lynch has shown utter disregard of morality and conscience by engaging in such an action of loose behavior. He not only deserves a fine for such objectionable and overtly skanky histrionics but the bad man ought to be thrown out of the team for awhile to teach him a good lesson for his wrongdoing. 

In the words of another player, the dude is a beast. He often shocks others by his sheer audacity. Lynch is a giant of a man and when he ran the 79 yards run, other players were literally being knocked down by him. There was a certain fear in the air as the rest of the opposing team couldn’t match his strides or bullying behavior.

While his mission was successful, it was the end result that really flabbergasted the audience. He actually handled his crotch in what was the height of vulgarity. The man has guts and a whole lot more besides. His rash setting of his genitalia led many to term the act childish and very gross.

After all, what kind of role model was he to the others who would be looking up to him. Had he kept his florid imagination to himself things would not have gotten so nasty in the end. Now he will be losing a huge wad of dollar bills from his personal bank account for Christmas. Serves him right for showing off his masculine ego before so many.     

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