Mary Kay Letourneau Fualaau Daughters are Adolescents by Now

Mary Kay Letourneau Fualaau Daughters are Adolescents by Now

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Mary Kay Letourneau Fualaau’s two daughters are adolescents by now. Mary was a school teacher who had an affair with her student who was barely 12 years of age while she was 34. Here is her story.

Mary Kay Letourneau Fualaau was his sixth grade teacher. And she was well into her mid 30s while the lad, named Vili, was merely a 12 year old pupil in her class. This was back in the mid 90s and the two had come really close to each other by the end of the year. They had a torrid affair and she ended up pregnant with his child.

Mary Kay was already a married woman with four kids of her own. Her transgression cost her a respectable status in society way back then. She was imprisoned on charges of child rape and her youthful husband Vili Fualaau was left trying to do what he could for her while she was behind bars.

She even bore his second daughter while in prison and today when it is the year 2015, they are together again and their daughters are teenagers. In an in-depth interview with Barbara Walters, Mary and Vili alongside their two daughters will be explaining some of the intricacies of a forbidden love affair that triggered the greatest sex scandal of the century. 

The two daughters, Audrey and Georgia, are beyond the 12 years age status that their pops Vili was when he decided to have sex with Mary. Meanwhile, Mary and Vili have just celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary.

Mary expatiated to Barbara Walters in ABC News’ 20/20 on how she had full trust in Vili and that he had the patience to take the criticism. He was the perfect and ideal father, according to Mary. Barbara Walters will be interviewing them in her American Scandal series.

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Audrey is 17 years old and about to enter a community college. Georgia is 16 and a cheerleader in her high school team. They both also happen to be singers in the choir at their respective institutions.

Strange to say but both the teenage girls are very comfortable with their parents’ odd age gap and all the negative publicity that surrounded them in the past. They realize that their mom and dad were different from the numb and conformist majority that just follow the herd instinct blindly.

They have no issues whatsoever with the fact that their mom spent time in prison or that there papa was just twelve years old when he got their mom pregnant. And yet, Mary and Vili have never had a talk session with their two daughters regarding the whole scandal.

In fact they will only inform them about what they already know from the world at large when the interview takes place soon.    


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