Matt Damon starts Buy a Lady a Drink Initiative

Matt Damon starts Buy a Lady a Drink Initiative
  • At the 2015 Sundance Film Festival, Matt Damon and Gary White launches “Buy a Lady a Drink” campaign.
  • It is sponsored by Stella Artois.

The co-founders of, Matt Damon and Gary White, have started the Buy a Lady a Drink initiative at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival which will make heaven and earth meet in order to ease pressures on women in Third World countries.

Matt Damon and Gary White, the co-founders of, in conjunction with Stella Artois, launched the awareness-raising campaign for females in developing countries.

Termed the Buy a Lady a Drink initiative, the basic objectives of this whole setup is to bring greater focus on the water crisis in those areas of the world which are without many facilities and general amenities.

Each and every day, women around the world especially in Third World nations spend many hours collecting clean drinking water for their families and children.

The function of this new campaign is to ease the load on these poor women. Stella Artois, which is a beer brand, has made a contribution of $1.2 million to for the sheer sake of buying a range of chalices.

A single chalice will allow provision of five years worth of clean drinking water for a single person. And anyone in the West /4/buy a single chalice for $20.

Gary White lauded Stella Artois execs for supporting a worthy cause. It just goes to prove that the beer-swilling crowd too had warm hearts that beat within their bodies.

As for Matt Damon, he was especially and keenly cognizant of the awareness raising that had been accomplished thanks to the campaign. 

The chalices were sewn from special materials and made to look very beautiful. They were fully functional too. The global water crisis is being highlighted and all attention is being focused on the issues of the future such as the water wars which will replace the oil wars of today.

It is strange but true that the future /4/be technologically a more advanced time to live in, but in some matters such as love, respect, traditional values and some basic resources, it will prove to be a time of scarcity and paucity.

Millions of fans of Stella Artois will form networks and work day and night to make this dream of philanthropic and humanitarian effort a reality. The actor, Matt Damon was present at the Sundance Film Festival, 2015, to promote his campaign.

And as for the donation made by the Belgian beer behemoth (Stella Artois), it will go a long way towards increasing the rights of females in Third World countries. To make the water issues and problems of the impoverished people of developing countries go away was a great task yet it was not exactly impossible in nature.

Given some extra time and effort it was a goal that was readily reachable. Our best wishes are with Matt Damon and Gary White and we want to buck them up in their peregrinations to prove that the West cares for all backwards countries and genuinely wants to lend a helping hand on a sincere basis with no strings attached.    

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