Matt Damon will return as Jason Bourne

Matt Damon will return as Jason Bourne

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Matt recently confirmed in an interview that he will be making anymore Bourne movie.

All of us thought that Matt Damon was done with the Bourne franchise and that we will never see another movie from the franchise. Now it seems like Matt has changed his mind and is willing to do another Bourne movie which would be released in the next fall.

E! News caught up with Ben Affleck who is a close friend of Matt Damon. Ben said that Matt is going to do a Bourne movie next fall when I’ve just completely lost any semblance of physical fitness. Ben Affleck confirmed the news that his best friend is going to be making another Bourne movie.

When Matt Damon was asked the same question he replied and said “Yes, next year”. He also said that the movie is going to be released in 2016. Paul Greengrass who was the director of the previous Bourne movies, is going to be directing the upcoming movie.

This is going to be Matt and Paul’s third collaboration in the Bourne franchise and fifth film overall. The movie earned millions last time around and it is expected that it will be a big hit this time. The Bourne movies are inspired by the Robert Ludlum novels.

Last year Paul said that he wouldn’t be making anymore Bourne movies but this year he has changed his mind for some reason. He believes that the new movie could be a big hit and it could do as much business as his previous Bourne movies. He believes that it has become a trend now to release a Bourne movie after some years.

He thought that he didn’t have the will and courage to do another movie. He used to think that the best thing was to move on and someone else should come in and put their stamp on the franchise. So now it seems like the Bourne movies are going to continue to come in the future.

Paul Green used to make documentaries and then came to television and started to direct dramas. He is known for making IRA car bombing saga Omagh and he was the producer and co-writer. He also made Bloody Sunday and United 93 which was nominated for an Oscar award.

He also made Green Zone and the last two Bourne movies. Now he is hoping that he wins an award for Captain Phillips in which he worked with Tom Hanks. The latest actor to put his print on Hollywood is Barkhad Abdi and he will be hoping to win an Oscar.

Greengrass has done some great work in Hollywood and he is hoping that the new movie he makes, will also be nominated for Oscar. He works really hard on the movies and this is why he is going to give it his all for the new Bourne movie.

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