Mazda finds Defect in Tire Pressure Sensor, recalls 100,000 Cars

Mazda finds Defect in Tire Pressure Sensor, recalls 100,000 Cars

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Mazda had recalled 100,000 cars due to a defect in tire pressure sensor.

The Japanese automaker Mazda has recalled 100,000 of its Mazda 6 sedans from the 2014-15 model years because the federally mandated low-tire pressure warning system /4/have a defect. This is what the auto maker explained in a report on Tuesday on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website

The federal regulations have made it very clear that the tire pressure monitoring system should alert the driver if one or more tires lose 25 percent of the recommended air pressure. This is done by a warning light that needs to go on in the instrument cluster. While testing the Mazda 6 sedan by the safety agency it was revealed that on some of the Mazda 6 models the system did not warn the driver when all four tires lost air. 

This tire pressure monitoring system has been required on all new vehicles in United States, since 2008. This is due to the rule in the Transportation Recall Enhancement Accountability and Documentation Act of 2000.  

The goal of this act was to alert the drivers of regular maintenance of their tires. The federal regulators explained that this was necessary to reduce crashes because when motorists fail to check their tire pressure it increases the chances of many different types of accidents.

So for the benefit of the motorist and others this rule has been passed and so all vehicles coming in the United States are under an obligation to have this system. If a vehicle is driven with under-inflated tires there /4/be a sudden tire failure which increases the risk of an accident. 

The recalled vehicles by Mazda are to be serviced at a related dealership once notices are sent out. The solution to the problem that has been advised by the automaker is to reprogram the software that controls the tire pressure monitoring system.

According to official sources the numbers of vehicles being recalled are 99,711 and the cars were made between October 25, 2012 and October 10, 2014. Mazda was notified about this problem by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on September 12. After that Mazda looked into the problem by testing it cars and then in early October recalled the vehicles.

A stop-sale issue was also ordered on October 24. Mazda also told the federal regulators that there have been no accidents reported due to this problem. The recall is expected to begin on December 5.

Mazda had also recalled 19000 cars previously over concerns that the fuel tanks might be filled up too much which would cause petrol to spill. These affected vehicles were built between October 25, 2012 and /4/9, 2013. To remedy this issue Mazda had installed an adapter in the fuel tank’s shutoff valve and replaced the charcoal canister. 

Well the Mazda 6 sedan drivers are not going to be happy sending their cars away just 20 days before Christmas. Although the repairs are going to be free!

Source: NYTimes

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