Thanksgiving Recipes: Every State for Itself!

Thanksgiving Recipes: Every State for Itself!

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The Thanksgiving recipes that have been handed down through the generations have collected in the annals of time till the point where it is very state of the United States for itself!

From Flan de Calabaza in warm and humid Florida to Sopapilla Cheesecake in Texas all the way to Cranberry Relish in Alaska, the United States of America has a good tradition of myriad Thanksgiving recipes that pertain to each state with singular focus.

All in all, the big ones add up to 50 dishes for 50 states of the US of A. With a bit of elbow grease from Google, the big daddy of search engines, NYTimes compiled a list of which dish is most liked in each state. Some of the entrees might surprise you.

They run the gamut from the sweet to the salty and sour not to mention umami. And while the most popular among them all was of course none other than Stuffed Turkey, the rest of the thousand and one dishes are worth a gander too. 

In Michigan where the car smoke is way up there in the stratosphere, there is a passion for cheesy potatoes among the inhabitants. It is not as if the dishes are the sole interest of the state’s people. Rather what is a fact is that they are a part and parcel of the state’s local heritage.

The Google search turned up quite a few gems of gastronomy. There were sweet potato dumplings in Alabama where the banjo keeps up its twang. In dry and dusty Arizona what better to tuck into than turkey enchiladas. Four layer delight did it for those with a sweet tooth in Arkansas.

Persimmon bread was the ideal treat in the sunshine state of California. In outdoorsy Colorado where there are some very fit people, frog eye salad was tops. Connecticut had its butternut squash casserole for times when one wanted some comfort food in order to relax and chill out.

In Deleware, pretzel salad came out on the top of the pile. Key lime cake with its tangy flavor and citrus relish was the ideal tasty dish in Georgia with its southern accented country gentlemen. In the Aloha state, that is Hawaii, there was pumpkin crunch with its creamy texture.

In Indiana which inspired the song “Gary Indiana” there is persimmon pudding which is a scrumptious deal indeed. And finally, let’s consider Iowa which is famous for snicker apple salad. Now that is something you can crunch and munch on at leisure. All these delicious dishes can make Thanksgiving a real nice event to share along with your family and friends.

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