Melissa McCarthy Loves Working with Brits in Spy

Melissa McCarthy Looks Slim at Spy London Premiere

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  • Melissa McCarthy Reveals a Lot Regarding Herself
  • Melissa McCarthy Looks Slim at Spy London Premiere

The roly-poly actress, Melissa McCarthy recently revealed a lot regarding herself. Among the spiel were a few things about Miranda Hart and her miraculous weight loss too.

“Bridesmaids” actress, Melissa McCarthy, who recently worked with many British actors in her new movie Spy, actually loved working with the Brit, Miranda Hart. She in fact enjoyed acting in synch with her so much that she wanted her co-star to migrate to the City of Angels. 

Melissa has gone on record to say that the inhabitants of the island nation are the best in the world. She absolutely adores them. 

Melissa McCarthy told Metro, ‘The Brits are terrific. I’m not against a Brit in any way.’ But Miranda is the one Melissa wants as a colleague in Tinsel Town.

Melissa as everyone knows used to weigh a ton. But she applied the golden principles of vigorous exercise and a good diet to slim down. After a few months she had dropped 50 pounds from her once-corpulent frame. 

And although she is no Marilyn Monroe, she appears to be a fitter, leaner and toned woman now than she used to be back in the good old days. The red carpet photographs of her at the premiere of the movie Spy reveal a transformed and evolved Melissa.  

Melissa appeared positively glamorous after her drastic weight loss. She almost seems to have been lent a fresh lease on life. Rejuvenated and feeling on top of the world, this former fat lady is glad she took the necessary steps to change herself for the better. 

Yet this is not the end of the story for Melissa McCarthy. She plans on shedding even more pounds via a tough regimen. According to Melissa, she wishes she was a size six. Oh, well, that will be the day! 

“Sometimes I wish I were just magically a size 6 and I never had to give [my weight] a single thought,” McCarthy told HL. “[But] I don’t beat myself up about it—it wouldn’t help and I don’t want to pass that on to my girls.”

Meanwhile, the pics of Melissa at the London premiere of Spy show her in her best clothes and she is virtually glowing with healthy vibes. Go for it, Melissa, you are an inspiration to every woman who felt fat and wanted to end her misery by thinking thin!  

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