Meredith Vieira Show: Nick Cannon, Sarah Hyland discuss Broken Relationships

Meredith Vieira Show: Nick Cannon, Sarah Hyland discuss Broken Relationships

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  • Nick Cannon told the truth about many rumors that are going around about him and his estranged wife.
  • Sarah Hyland talked about her breakup with Matthew Prokop after 5 years of dating.

Meredith Vieira is offering the estranged stars to clear the air about their broken relationships. Nick Cannon came and talked about his and Mariah Carey’s faltering relationship. The other celebrity who came and talked was the young Modern Family star Sarah Hyland.

Morning shows these days are all about speculating gossip about celebrities and if they are on the shows, talking to them about everything other than the truth and harsh realities of their lives. Who wants to listen to the true details of their favorite celebrity’s lives. Syndicate TV channel and Meredith Vieira believe on the contrary.

Meredith’s show is all about inviting celebrities to talk about their break-ups and divorces and the truth about the reasons that their relationship comes to an end. It is not only interesting for people to see these stars in their reality but also reminds them that they are also human beings who can make mistakes. For the stars, the show can be therapeutic when they talk about their relationships and breakups and give a true picture of what really happened. 

This happened this week for Nick Cannon and Sarah Hyland. Nick, who appeared in countless movies starting the year 2000, married the beautiful singer Mariah Carey in 2008 and the couple was happy for a few years. They went through a period of miscarriages and only grew stronger with the advent of despair. They were finally blessed with a pair of twins Morrocan and Monroe in the year 2011, who are now three but things went wrong somewhere and Nick confirmed back in August thathe and Mariah were separated.

Their has been much speculation about the reasons of the separation and things got worse when news of their divorce came in. Nick Cannon finally broke his silence when Meredith invited him to talk about the divorce and its challenges on their family. Nick told Meredith that he has been hearing a lot of rumors about his family that include dispute over their 8 dogs.

He said that in this time, they are really focused on taking care that their family goes through this transition in their life smoothly, The twins are coping with it mostly because they really don’t understand what’s going on and they both love their mommy and daddy who are still their for them.

Their life style has always been on the go so it hasn’t changed that much for the kids. Any real change Nick has made is to get Mariah’s name removed from the tattoo on his back that he got when he was dating her. He also advised Meredith to get a tattoo. A big heart but just never to have anyone’s name written on it.

The other star who came and talked on the show was the 23 years old star Sarah Hyland who recently broke up with her boyfriend Matthew Prokop after 5 years of dating him. Sarah’s breakup was not as smooth as Nick and Mariah’s probably because Matthew was doing everything from threatening her, sending her pictures of her cheating on him and sending threatening texts.

Sarah had to get a restraining order for him. Meredith talked about an abusive relationship she has had in the past and both counted themselves lucky to be out of them. Sarah said that it had been hard moving on and she quoted her favorite poems’ lines as her inspiration to get through it. Meredith also joked with Sarah about how she looked so much like Mila Kunis.

Sarah told Meredith that she was really honored to be compared to Mila because she thinks that Mila is absolutely beautiful and she recounted that Mila once came up to her and told her that people thought she looked like Sarah. She said Mila felt good about that because it made her feel young. She added her new dog Swiffer to the show and said that he has been a great support for her through the breakup. 

Source: UsWeekly , E! News

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