MICA is an Intelligent Gold Bracelet for the Smart and Fashionable Chica

MICA is an Intelligent Gold Bracelet for the Smart and Fashionable Chica
  • Intel presents MICA for the Stylish and Connected Woman

Intel is proud to present My Intelligent Communication Accessory (MICA), a lovely wearable for very smart and fashionable Chica. The good thing about it is that it looks like outclass jewelry yet it is actually a high tech device.

It is called MICA which is an acronym for My Intelligent Communication Accessory. It is, like diamonds and pearls, the best pal a girl can gain access to.

The bracelet-shaped wearable was manufactured in its exterior form by Opening Ceremony while its innards were all made by Intel.

Before you call it a technological sophistry, remember that it is actually a highly charming bracelet that oozes extreme esthetics and colorful consumer-consciousness.

Having no connections with an iPhone, this golden gadget delivers SMS texts, Gmail prompts for very important people, Facebook date warnings, Yelp advice and a “Time to Go” facility that delivers notices in the nick of time regarding location-based problems.

A small touch screen made of sapphire crystal is imbedded in a snakeskin wearable strap with 18 karat gold plated edges. Besides this, the wearable has tiger’s eye, pearls, obsidian and lapis among the other precious stones and gems that adorn its exterior.    

The jewelry-cum-wearable is for the cute and cat-like women of today who are smart, savvy and sensually selective. They have their yes, their no and their maybe.

And they can handle a majority of roles in a jiffy by multitasking which of course is also a  female’s best friend. Now the ladies among us can stay connected and absolutely on time as far as their daily chores are concerned.

Whether it is shopping forays or business schedules or even a vacation trip to the Bahamas, the Chicas among us can simply latch a MICA on to their wrists and be ready to go anywhere they like.

Its connectivity depends entirely upon AT&T. The beautiful bracelet comes in a stylish box that reminds one of Saks Fifth Avenue in its luxury settings.

Never before has the practical and the purely artistic been so completely and effortlessly merged into one device.

The MICA is a state-of-the-art gadget that doesn’t give a single clue to any outsider as regards its status as a high tech wearable. People will assume that the lady wearing it is just too much into her vanity needs.

But the moment the lady starts manipulating it, they will become jealous and envious as hell about this prized possession of hers. MICA is magnificent indeed…as any lady worth half her sexiness will tell you!  

Buy MICA Now for $495.

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