Michael Phelps’ Girlfriend Taylor Lianne Chandler was Born a Man

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Michael Phelps’ Girlfriend Taylor Lianne Chandler was Born a Man

Taylor Lianne Chandler Facebook
  • Taylor Lianne Chandler confessed on Facebook about being born an intersex named David Roy Fitch.

She has told Michael everything in an email and is waiting for his response. Michael has been in rehab since October.

The most decorated Olympic athlete with 22 medals, Michael Phelps has been very disturbed. He was arrested in October on a DUI charge and committed himself to rehab. We have been wondering what might be the cause of his irresponsible behavior.

Well, surprisingly, his self proclaimed girlfriend says that he did not know that she was actually born a man. So she is not the reason of his bizarre behavior. Yes! Taylor Lianne Chandler, 41, admitted in her Facebook post that she was born a male child named David Roy Fitch.

She was basically an intersex baby i.e. she had male genitalia without testicles and a uterine devoid of ovaries. Her growth was as a woman. She said that she didn’t face any scrutiny about her sex. There’s no one that could have proven that she was a guy, no evidence is there to prove that except her word. She outlined her elaborative past.

She was diagnosed at 15 years of age. She emancipated from her parents at 16. She changed her name to Paige Victoria Whitney. She tried to trick someone into paying her money for her conversion surgery. She got the surgery but got arrested eventually for extortion. She was raped by three men in her jail cell.

She said that she met Michael on Tinder. Later on she went to Phelps’ Baltimore home to watch the Ravens football game on September 21. She said they just connected and they had sex during halftime and again after the game.

She said that Michael was the only man that made her feel like a true woman. They dated briefly before Michael went to rehab. Taylor said that she revealed her secret to him via an email. She said that she didn’t lie to him or keep her secret from him purposefully but she didn’t. It just never came up while they were dating. 

She said that she is still waiting for his reply. He is going to be released from rehab and she said she hopes that he will listen to his heart. She hopes that he doesn’t listen to people and end what is actually a beautiful relationship for her.

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