Michelle Obama dances to Uptown Funk on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Michelle Obama dances to Uptown Funk on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

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The First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama, danced to Bruno Mars’ song Uptown Funk on The Ellen DeGeneres Show recently. It was in preparation for the Gimme Five Dance to be done for the Easter Egg Roll on the White House Lawn.

While Obama was sharing his mean tweets on Live with Jimmy Kimmel, the first lady paid a friendly visit to Ellen DeGeneres on her talk show. There they engaged in friendly and light playful badinage. The first lady acknowledged that she had started a campaign to list five things that people had done to be more active.

Termed the #GimmeFive campaign, it had involved such notable people as Beyonce and Ryan Seacrest and even a couple of astronauts from NASA. Everybody knows that Michelle Obama has done so much for trying to end obesity in the United States.

Her movement for incorporating fresh fruits and vegetables into the diet of the average American as well as the whoe idea of “move more” /4/as well be one day seen as the small baby steps that ended obesity in America. She has also shown that a President’s wife isn’t all prim and prudish by dancing and shaking to the groove on more than one occasion. 

On The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Michelle made mention of her #GimmeFive plan and that was when Ellen began a series of questions to which the first lady responded with alacrity and poise. Finally, Michelle Obama challenged Ellen to come and join her on the floor for a dance session.

Ellen tried to defer the action but Michelle was adamant. Finally Ellen gave in and with a cast of a few more people, Ellen and Michelle got their groove on to Bruno Mars’ Uptown Funk. They shook their bodies and did some hip jerks too.

Michelle Obama warned that the small microphone attached to her shirt collar had better be secure because there was going to be plenty of fast movements. Ultimately, they all ended up having a whole lot of fun. Michelle is probably the only first lady of the United States to have such a friendly nature and be on such close terms with media figures as Ellen.

President Obama too was in a lighthearted mood on Live with Jimmy Kimmel. It appears to be the case that the head of the state and his wife are comfortable with Hollywood and don’t mind a bit of interesting conversation on the side unlike many of the serious and overly formal heads of the state of the past. 


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