Michelle Rodriguez apologizes for Minority Superhero Comments

Michelle Rodriguez apologizes for Minority Superhero Comments

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Michelle Rodriguez clarified her point on Facebook about fitting race into superhero roles in Hollywood. She apologized regarding the words which came out as offensive to minorities.

You /4/remember her from The Fast & The Furious series. Michelle Rodriguez is one hot Latina mama and she has a radical style of honesty and sharpshooting straightforwardness that would put Kanye West to shame.

She recently pointed out that most of the characters in Tinsel Town were being typecast in a manner that reflected lack of imagination and a dumbed down form of affirmative action. The employment of Blacks, Asians and Hispanics in such roles as are reserved for white superheroes led Rodriguez to criticize the trend towards kowtowing to minorities.

In an interview with TMZ, Michelle Rodriguez stated: “Stop stealing all the white people’s superheroes. Make up your own.” Watch video of her remaraks below.

This caused many people to feel that she had gone way overboard in her criticism of reverse discrimination. That was when she appeared in a short video clip on her Facebook page to clarify her message which had been delivered in an unfiltered manner from her mind previously. Michelle said that she had a tendency of putting her foot in her mouth and it often got her in trouble. 

The Latina lady with the sexy looks expatiated on the matter by saying that what she meant was that most white roles were forced into Black, Asian and Hispanic characters like square pegs in round holes.

This trend was a disfavor to both the dominant culture and the minorities and was a form of anti-racism that went too far. She explained her point of view by saying that these minorities needed to create their own mythologies instead of copying white objectives.

They ought to be proud of their respective cultures and traditions and not get lost in imitating the dominant white culture. By getting into the good books of the dominant WASP elite of the West, the minorities were not evolving on their own.

When such characters as The Human Torch, Nick Fury and James Bond not to mention Aquaman got played by Michael Jordan, Samuel L. Jackson, Idris Elba and Jason Momoa,

Michelle felt that a lot of the original ethnic genre and cultural treasure was being thrown out of the window. She had blurted out in a moment of passion and carelessness that the minorities ought to stop stealing the white roles.

It came out as an odd remark that rubbed many in the industry and the media the wrong way. But after her clarification, in which she mentions the fact that she tends to speak without any filters, things got back to normal again. 


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