Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella addresses employees in an email

“I am committed to making Microsoft the best place for smart, curious, ambitious people to do their best work.”

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella addresses employees in an email


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Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella addresses employees in an email

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella recently addressed all his organization’s employees in one single email. Everything written inside the email was targeted towards everyone and Nadella began by thanking everyone for their contribution in the past year along with appreciating the enthusiasm that was building within the firm due to some significant changes which took place this year. He recalled telling everyone upon taking office that this world is only going to value innovation and though tradition is equally important, it won’t be too long before it leads to boredom.

As he emphasized on the month of July, it got quite clear that this would be a significant month because Nadella will keep delivering new values and ambitious culture among the workforce. He further stated that the past quarter’s earnings results will also be declared on the 22nd of July which is going to be followed by a briefing on what has to be done for the FY15. He said he will work along with the Senior Leadership Team to bring about all the organizational and engineering changes that need to be brought to facilitate the strategic goals of the company.

He further emphasized on the increasing technological development and stated that it is the need of the hour and particularly important if we consider the world where we live where computing is ‘ubiquitous ‘. This computer advancement is digitizing everything around us and soon there will be more need for innovation than ever before. The time has gone when the power of the computer was limited; now the computing power is limitless however it is difficult to ask for human attention. He said that it has been estimated that in this new fully high tech world, more than 3 billion people would have Internet-connected devices. For the CEO, the main aim of the company should now be to come up with ways in which they can provide for these experiences and allow people to thrive in such a ‘mobile-first’ world.

It was certainly a very good idea to remind all the employees what really they are working towards. The core values of the company are something that not every employee has gone over and memorized. Nadella reminded everyone that Microsoft believes that technology creates more opportunities for people and organizations. Microsoft has been making dreams come true by putting a PC in every home and office. Following the Nokia acquisition, a lot of changes had to be made in the company, even on the strategic level. The company has recently been described as a ‘devices and services’ company and now the CEO wants to address this with a new strategy.

As Nadella puts it, “At our core, Microsoft is the productivity and platform company for the mobile-first and cloud-first world. We will reinvent productivity to empower every person and every organization on the planet to do more and achieve more.”

He reminded everyone that Microsoft has been built on a wide platform which encompasses so many possibilities and it is with the help of increased productivity that they have been able to provide a unique infrastructure for teams, IT and organizations as a whole. It is all about delivering the ability to get things done; whether it involves term papers, recipes, or something as complicated as building a vaccine for HIV. It is indeed Microsoft that has brought the harmony among world’s devices, apps, docs, data and social networks. He went on saying that Microsoft doesn’t need to stop at this point. Though the company has achieved more than anyone can imagine, they still have plenty of opportunities left. In fact their opportunities begin now with the world getting more advanced and computerized. The focus is now going to be on devices and services which are more predictive and personal.

“Developers and partners will thrive by creatively extending Microsoft experiences for every individual and business on the planet.”

Nadella emphasized the most on the prevailing culture of the company and how it needs to be evolved and not changed completely. One of the best things he said in his address was that in every organization, including Microsoft, employees work like robots and this kind of work drives the satisfaction away from the work and hence there is no personal meaning in it. He said the key to success is revolution and adjusting to changes as quickly as possible. It is understood how much the organization would have changed after the acquisition of Nokia but he expects his employees to brace themselves and move on. It is quite evident that responsibilities will change, new partnerships will come into existence and jobs will revolve but the key to survival is bringing that change in you that allows you to adapt.

“I am committed to making Microsoft the best place for smart, curious, ambitious people to do their best work.”


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