Microsoft is making a Novel Lighter Browser called Spartan for Windows 10

Microsoft is making a Novel Lighter Browser called Spartan for Windows 10


Microsoft is currently making a novel browser within its Windows 10 experience.

A brand new browser alongside its Windows 10 platform is what Microsoft has among its long term plans. Internet Explorer will be extant though. The rumors pointed towards some radical changes in Internet Explorer. 

The whole idea was to transform IE into something along the lines of Firefox or Chrome. Thus this would have streamlined it and given it a more ascetic approach. Microsoft is making a new browser codenamed Spartan. 

One of the proteges of Microsoft has let the cat out of the bag on Twitter concerning Microsoft’s construction of a new browser. 

Spartan will employ MS Chakra JavaScript and Trident. It will indeed resemble Firefox and Chrome in its makeup. It will also bolster extensions to boot. Microsoft also has two diametrically opposed versions of Trident. 

Spartan is low in weight and quite handy to manipulate. Windows 10 will come on the scene alongside Spartan and Internet Explorer 11. Currently, Spartan is merely a name among names. All that is about to change pretty soon though. 

The name Microsoft gives its browser when it comes out is anybody’s lucky guess. The team of experts are planning on renaming the browser when its day of debut comes around. 

WebKit, the engine that is used on the Apple Safari platform won’t be employed in the development of the new browser though. That is something Microsoft will steer clear of by a mile.


Rivals such as Google too have abandoned the WebKit as a tool of the trade. Microsoft’s main line of attack seems to be clear as the light of day. It plans to change things for the better. But as the French proverb has it…the more things change, the less they change! 

Whatever the case /4/be, the newer systems will be faster and more efficient than their previous models and versions. They will also feature new functions and modes of operation which will make operating them a cinch. 

The basic idea behind all this complex technology is to make life easy for the consumer. Some things will be deleted from the new version titled Spartan while some things will in fact get added. 

This is the way it has been and will always be for the technological progress of systems in the silicon revolution market. Microsoft is no different in this novel delivery method from the rest and it will prove its mettle alongside its other competitors such as Apple and Google in this regard. 

Source: ZDNet


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