Microsoft Project “Threshold” Likely To Be Windows 9

Microsoft Project "Threshold" Likely to be Windows 9


Windows 9 tipped for April 2015 launch

Word has surfaced from Winsupersite that at the 2014 BUILD conference Microsoft will be talking up its future vision for Windows. On the plate is said to be a project codenamed “Threshold” which is believed to be Windows 9. Before threshold is unveiled, an update will land for Windows 8.1.

That update will reportedly be in the form of a service pack or feature pack called Update 1. That update is expected to launch in April along with Windows Phone 8.1. Threshold is tipped to include a return to a traditional start menu for windows.

Threshold is also said to feature the ability to run Metro-style apps on the desktop along with desktop apps. A few details about Threshold for people who are supposed to be familiar with the project include that it will be called Windows 9. Word is that details will be offered at BUILD to give customers something to be excited about. It’s very hard to get excited about software today.

There will reportedly be no alpha code released to developers at the event. Threshold is tipped to bring Metro 2.0. Threshold is also expected to go through three milestones before final release. The release is expected in April of 2015.

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