Microsoft starts rolling out Lumia Denim, the Latest Windows Phone 8.1 Update

Microsoft starts rolling out Lumia Denim, the Latest Windows Phone 8.1 Update

  • The Lumia Denim Update is About to Arrive Soon for All the Lumia Phone Owners.
  • Microsoft started rolling out the Lumia Denim Update on Test Basis.

The Lumia Denim update is about to arrive soon on the scene. And Microsoft has decided once and for all that it won’t let its consumer base down with this baby.

There were many samples that came and went like one-hit wonders. There was the Lumia Amber followed by the Lumia Black and Lumia Cyan. But this time around Microsoft has really outdone itself with its latest update which happens to be the Lumia Denim.

It will be on the market soon and the consumer base is desperately and excitedly waiting around to see when the heat will be on. The Lumia Denim features fresh content and cool services such as the most creative career and leisure choices.

Windows 8.1 will be integrated into the Lumia line of smart phones to present this critter of innovation and supersmart electronic chops. The linguistic bit is covered thanks to Cortana which is an amenity available on the platform.

Also within Cortana is an alarm system and chat box option within the confines of your vehicle. Cortana was originally only a US thing but now it will come to other nations as well in beta and alpha formats. And it can be given the ignition command of “Hey Cortana”. It is that simple.   

There are a range of files and folders you /4/open in this baby. News and Games are two alternatives. As for the Glance Screen, it will allow you to take a peek at the latest health updates from the MSN Network.

The improved connectivity means that you /4/browse at the speed of light. As for viruses and satan bugs, they will be repelled thanks to the iron security arrangements. No hacker can get through to your private domain.

The possessors of several Lumia smart phones will get an additional perk in the form of a camera. This way they can grab snapshots of the most picturesque scenery within seconds.

The Lumia Denim update has already started to be test-driven and the results are very encouraging indeed. With the Lumia Denim rollout, many consumers are about to become very happy techies.

They will get the world at their fingertips in a jiffy and no force on earth can stop them from instant access to a host of facilities. With a simple swipe of the screen, the Denim update will be yours to handle and manipulate as you like. Now isn’t that a great miracle of technology.  

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