Microsoft’s Mega Subscription Plan for just $199/year includes Office, Skye, Xbox Live and Xbox Music Services

Microsoft’s Mega Subscription Plan for just $199/year includes Office, Skye, Xbox Live and Xbox Music Services

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Now Microsoft offers a mega bundle for its fans for just $199 per year. The bundle includes Xbox live, Xbox music, Office and Skype subscription.

Bundling was once considered to be a negative strategy at Microsoft, but not anymore. Bundling is back being the king of the Company. On the 10th of November, Microsoft introduced a new promotional bundle. A bundle which is a combination of both productivity and play focused services. 

The world’s biggest software company launched its new annual plan for just $199. This plan combines four major softwares offered by Microsoft. Office 365 Home, Xbox Live Gold, Skype, Xbox Music is a part of this giant bundle.

If you subscribe to this amazing bundle you can make unlimited calls throughout the world through Skype. You can also listen to as many songs as you want on Xbox music. 

If you buy these services individually, they are going to cost you a lot. For example, you purchase services of only Xbox Music and Office 365; they will cost you around $200. Whereas this work and play bundle will cost you the same amount of money, but with the additional services of Skype and Xbox Live Gold. Thus, this amazing bundle is not only feasible, but also economical. 

This move shows that the company plans to put more effort in subscription services as they generate huge revenues for the company. The only thing that is not available for subscription is Windows, but we assume that in the near future Microsoft might put it up for subscription as well. 

Earlier this year during a conference the CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella said that the company is now focusing on productivity and in the near future users will be able to see the effort Microsoft has put in. 

Now you can get the work and play bundle from Microsoft retail stores in the United States. This subscription offer is currently available only in US.

Source: ZDNet

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