Miley Cyrus Arnold Schwarzenegger: Miley meets Arnie

Miley Cyrus Arnold Schwarzenegger: Miley meets Arnie

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  • Arnold Schwarzenegger got to meet son’s girlfriend Miley Cyrus

Patrick Schwazenegger takes Miley and his USC friends to Idaho for family vacation and gets Arnold’s approval along the way.

Miley Cyrus and Patrick Schwarzenegger were seen only on two months ago at a USC football game sharing a big cuddly smooch. Since then she the couple has been seen in public, hanging and kissing together and despite furious media scrutiny, they have been together. 

Miley has been a child star and grew up with the wildness of the media. Patrick is not unaware of the media attention. His father has been famous since he was Patrick’s age. First being a body builder then an actor and then the governor of California.

Arnold Schwazenegger is a name that is known around the world. So what happens when you date a guy like Patrick whose parents are a super couple?

Miley is also used to making statements in front of the cameras especially lately and Patrick’s mother Maria Shriver might be right to have some reservations regarding her son’s new girlfriend but he doesn’t care. He recently bought Miley a pizza graphic onesie.

Miley happily donned on the onesie and posted a picture on Instagram wearing it with a big smile. She also called him the “best boyfriend ever.”

This would be scoring Patrick some major points over Miley’s ex Liam Hemsworth. Their closeness might have brought Patrick closer to the decision to take Miley to meet his dad in Idaho on their family vacation.

The young couple was not alone and they were accompanied by some of Patrick’s USC buddies who reportedly always tag along this time of the year. They met with Arnold and they all sat down for lunch at the The Kneadery in Ketchum, Idaho, according to US Weekly.

Miley turned out to be a huge Terminator fan and according to rumors, Arnold found her a spicy and fresh addition compared to Patrick’s usual posse of friend. All in all, it is confirmed that Papa Schwazenegger gave Miley and Patrick his approval and blessing.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is happy for his son and he’s also thrilled to be introduced to Miley. Miley also seemed to have put in effort which is evidence that she wanted to impress the former Governor. She wore black tights accompanied by a pink fur coat, Chanel bag and a grey beanie.

She looked nice and composed and might have worked her Southern charm too. Hope Patrick gets favored by Billy Ray Cyrus (like Arnold Schwarzenegger did) when Miley takes him along to meet the family.

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