Mitsubishi Electric enters Smart Home Segment

Mitsubishi Electric enters Smart Home Segment

Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi Electric announced its next-generation concept for home life, Mitsubishi Electric Smart Home.

Smart Homes technology has been around for years, but are still too complex for the most part or just cover certain aspect of homes like light management. Mitsubishi Electric introduced today a new Smart Home concept that combines sensors and linked appliances that also includes the biological information of the humans living in the house.

Mitsubishi Electric enhances current Smart Home concepts by integrating mental and physical conditions of the residents. The goal of the Mitsubishi Smart Home is to enable a comfortable, enjoyable stress-free lifestyle.

The company imagines to use cameras that identifies and authenticates each family member as they approach the front door. The door handle would sense and collect biological information, such as body temperature and heart-rate to assess the person’s physical condition. The health and the daily schedules of each family member are displayed in the entry hall.

Mitsubishi’s vision does not stop there. The refrigerator door would display recommended recipes based on body data collected with sensing devices and food items available in the refrigerator. 

Soon you will be able to leave you brain at entrance of your home and your house takes over for you to enable a “comfortable, enjoyable stress-free lifestyle.”

Current fitness tracker are already telling us when to get up in the morning, when to stand up and talk a walk. Do we really need this dictation of our lifes? Wearable makers including now Apple definitely think we do. Tim Cook’s remarks this week confirm that. The Apple Watch will cure you from sitting, which is according to Tim Cook a cancer.


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