Moderate Coffee Consumption Reduces Risk of Heart Attack

Moderate Coffee Consumption reduces Risk of Heart Attack

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A latest research project in South Korea showed that moderate coffee consumption reduced the risk of heart attack in the consumers. This is a new finding since previously coffee was thought to increase the chances of coronary disease.

Recent research in South Korea points to the many chemical agents in coffee as being beneficial in moderation. The many people who participated in the study were also observed regularly on the basis of their lifestyle choices such as consumption of fruits and vegetables as well as red meat.

Their BMI, exertion levels, general dietary patterns, smoking habits, alcohol intake and other behavioral markers were taken into account before the research got underway. The results surprised the scientists and researchers.

It appeared that moderate consumption of coffee (from 3-4 cups a day) was very good for CVD and even reversed calcium clogging in the arteries. It has already been noted that coffee drinking helps increase insulin sensitivity and even partially reverses type 2 diabetes.

The polyphenols and antioxidants in the coffee are responsible for various benefits accruing to the bodies of the consumers. But this same effect wore off as the consumption drastically went down or up.

Those who drank a single cup a day were not prone to benefit from coffee’s protective effects. And as for the heavy drinkers who drank more than five cups daily, they too found themselves bereft of the benefits as regards heart health. 

Coffee is the most consumed beverage in the world. Not only in the United States but in the rest of the global village it is a popular drink that has inspired writers and been linked with intellectual culture.

It is of course a stimulant and diuretic that lends a solid dose of energy to the drinker. With this study pointing out the benefits of coffee, it seems that the heavy drinkers /4/curtail their consumption a little and the teetotalers can help themselves to 3-4 cups of java a day.

The caffeine in coffee is addictive stuff though. And some of the elements such as the terpenes in it /4/actually be harmful. One thing that is certain though is that this study has limited applicability since it was only carried out on a South Korean sample population.

What the effects are on the rest of the world’s populations is something which remains somewhat of a mystery that only time and further research will solve. 


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