Mortal Kombat and CRITTERS lead off a surprising lineup of upcoming WB series’

Mortal Kombat and CRITTERS lead off a surprising lineup of upcoming WB series’
  • WB announces ambitious slate of live-action films last week
  • Names its new short-form digital production division ‘Blue Ribbon’
  • Lots of new projects underway


The newly named “Blue Ribbon Content” division will produce three full series, as well as several more comedy, horror, action, and virtual-reality projects.

It has only been a week since the Warner Bros. announced an ambitious slate of live-action films in development and they have now granted an official name to its new short-form digital production division which is newly named as “Blue Ribbon Content”. Along with this, the company also announced a similarly impressive schedule of live-action and animated projects for the studio. This new born division is going to be responsible for producing three full series in addition to several other projects related to genres of comedy, horror, action, and virtual-reality.

So far its most high profile project is the untitled live-action series based on the Mortal Kombat game franchise. This new project is being described as “an all-new series that showcases some of the franchise’s most storied characters, while introducing a new generation of fighters.” Warner Bros. Digital and Interactive divisions have got together to produce the critically praised, live-action Mortal Kombat: Legacy digital series and fans of the gaming franchise will be glad to know that these new series will likely serve as a tie-in for the April 2015 release of the Mortal Kombat X game.

It looks as if the new division has kicked off with a great start and its newest project also includes work on a live-action series based on Static Shock who had his own comic book (pictured above) and four-season animated series that debuted in 2000. So far we have got to know about the series that the plot is going to revolve around a teenage superhero who has the ability to control electricity and magnetism. The project is being taken care of by writer/producer/director Reginald Hudlin (House Party, The Bernie Mac Show), who is going to work with the original animated series’ creative lead, Denys Cowan.

Moving on to the next project in this string of recent works, there is going to be a live-action series based on the Critters sci-fi horror franchise. It was way back in 1986 when the original Critters premiered and spawned three sequels and is also going to provide the feature-film debut of Leonardo DiCaprio in 1991’s Critters 3. The official announcement for the series says that it will “revisit the world of the legendary New Line Cinema cult classic movie franchise, as a new batch of alien pests descends upon the planet in this new digital series written by Michael Jelenic and Aaron Horvath (Teen Titans Go!).”

Sam Register, president of Warner Bros. Animation and Warner Digital Series issued a statement along with the announcement and said that “We are tremendously excited about Blue Ribbon Content’s initial slate of development projects, and we are incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity to work with such a talented group of writers and producers on projects that they feel exceptionally passionate about.”

These were just a few major projects the Blue Ribbon has started working on however there is a lot more to this slate of projects and some of them have been mentioned below and might pique your interest.

Ginger Snaps — Follow a troop of young girls as they backstab, manipulate and sabotage their way through the seedy underworld of the Ginger Snaps and preserve their power and influence at the top of the cookie pile.

Batman: The Animated Series Experience — Blue Ribbon, DC Entertainment and visual effects pioneer OTOY are teaming up on an immersive entertainment experience that will see the Batcave from Batman: The Animated Series brought to life via interactive holographic video for virtual reality devices such as the Samsung GALAXY Gear VR, the Oculus Rift, and on forthcoming “glasses-free” light field displays.

Golden Revenge — Two adorable house pets — a cat and dog — love their life with their owner. His new wife? Not so much. After receiving an “it’s me or the pets” ultimatum, the husband takes the cat and dog deep into the forest and leaves them behind. Now it’s up to the pets to find their way across the country — to exact their revenge!

source: digitaltrends

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