Motorola’s Droid Turbo: So Much For Its Name

Motorola's Droid Turbo: so much for its name

  • Battery life for 2 days
  • Moto Active Display
  • Pricier than the Moto X

The phone features everything we loved about the Moto X

If you loved everything about the Moto X, you will certainly have eyes for Motorola’s Droid Turbo which has been designed and built out of the favorite things of Moto X and things only get better as you would come to know that the company has given it a much expected spec boost. This Android phone is going to be Verizon exclusive and looks simply amazing with its 5.2-inch quad HD display. On the inside it features the powerful and latest version of the Snapdragon processor, along with 3 GB of RAM and an impressive 21 MP camera. Top all this with superb battery life of two days and you have a beast of the phone which is the Droid Turbo.

Though we have talked about everything perfect about the phone, yet there is a catch or two here which most of us had been expecting. As we can judge from the specs, the price of the phone is something we all cannot afford. It is nearly twice as much as Moto X and you cannot have the luxury of getting the phone from any other carrier apart from Verizon. So this is bad news for the AT&T, Sprint or T-Mobile customers. So after the Moto X, Motorola has yet another Android winner which we will review in its three layers.

Super AMOLED screen

The phone runs on the Android 4.4 KitKat and packs inside all the upgraded features which have been stacked up inside the s’more like phone. Front-and-center is a quad HD display and similar to the Moto X this one too measures out to be the same 5.2 inches. However, the phone’s Super AMOLED screen has four times the resolution at 1440 x 2560. If we compare this to the Motorola made Google Nexus 6, then this might not appear to be so exciting since the Nexus sports a 6 inch screen. But we can surely say that after the Samsung Galaxy S5, this is the best one-handed 5.1 inch phone. The Droid Turbo however takes things one step ahead of the Nexus 6 with its Moto Active Display which is not the less functional ambient light sensor. If you wave one hand over the phone, you will be able to wake up the device in a limited state. During this state, the phone allows you to see the current time and notification icons in white and in order to save up on the battery life, the rest of the unused screen remains dark.

Processor and Storage

Underneath the screen is the powerful Snapdragon 805 processor which is so far the newest and fastest chip that Qualcomm is currently putting in smartphones. It has an impressive 3 GB RAM and for the internal storage you can have two options of either 32GB or 64GB. it is pretty much understood why there isn’t any 16 GB model because nobody really cares for that one anymore when they can have more.

Battery Life

The bottom part of the phone houses the giant 3900 mAh battery which the company claims can go up to 2 days. This was something we all had been waiting for since we heard the phone’s name. the battery life offered on this phone is twice more than what we had on the Moto X and even the Nexus 6 which is an energy consuming phone.


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