Mozilla and KDDI debut Fx0, First Firefox OS Smartphone with 4G LTE and NFC

Mozilla and KDDI debut Fx0, First Firefox OS Smartphone with 4G LTE and NFC


  • Mozilla and KDDI introduce Smartphone in Land of the Rising Sun.

The services, Mozilla and KDDI, have introduced first Firefox OS smartphone ‘Fx0’, based on Web technology standards, in the Land of the Rising Sun also known as Japan. Fx0 is made by LG and it comes with 4G LTE, NFC. Its cost is about $420.

Mozilla is concerned with spreading transparency, creativity and greater reach in cyberspace. It has teamed up with KDDI to launch the first ever Firefox OS smartphone in Japan. And the Christmas holidays will go very well thanks to this new thing on the horizon.

KDDI made the declaration in the capital of Japan regarding the smartphone which came to store shelves yesterday (that is on Yuletide). And since Japan celebrates Christmas with passion and panache, this smartphone made Santa’s presents all the more delightful to open.

The smartphone is termed the Fx0 and it is a marvel to behold. Designed by the famous Tokujin Yoshioka, the Fx0 is in accordance with the core traits of both Mozilla and Firefox. The Firefox OS update includes protection for among other things, NFC, 4G LTE, WebRTC and many other paraphernalia.

The president of KDDI, Takashi Tanaka, said that his company was quite pleased to bring the first Firefox OS smartphone, based on Web technology standards, to the Japanese commercial arena. “KDDI hopes to build the new era of the Web through Web of Things, enabling everyone to create custom connected Web experiences,” said Takashi Tanaka.

The IoT or Internet of Things is where the new generation will take us. And This new era will be something the company will participate in with full force and vigor. Custom-made experiences on the web is what it is all about.

More and more devices will get interconnected to each other and there will be a cross-pollination of science and technology. And the beautiful thing is that this is just a beginning. A whole lot more is yet to be.

The smartphone has a crystal clear cover from inside which all that lies within can be seen with the naked eye. A beige Firefox logo is burnished on the home button. The smartphone takes its key components from the LG G3.

Worth 50,000 Japanese Yen, it is definitely worth the gamble. It also contains a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor. The RAM value is 1.5GB. There are a whole range of tiny features in the Firefox OS smartphone.

They include a microSDXC card. An 8 megapixel rear view camera with light emitting diode is also on the platform. A 2.1 megapixel front facing camera is there too. Then smartphone is a gem of a device and will attract many a techie freak and computer geek. Long live the Internet Generation!  

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