Kodak debuts its First Range of Android-powered Mobile Devices at CES 2015

Kodak debuts its First Range of Android-powered Mobile Devices at CES 2015

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  • Kodak will debut it first ever Android Smartphone at CES 2015.

Kodak partners with Bullitt Group to launch a new range of Android powered mobile devices at CES 2015.

The world famous camera making company, Kodak has finally decided to enter the race of Android powered devices. Kodak recently emerged from bankruptcy and now it understands that in order to remain afloat it needs to enter the world of Android devices. It is joining hands with a famous British mobile device manufacture in order to launch their Android based devices at CES 2015 international. 

Kodak along with Bullit Group are going to launch a mobile phone at CES 2015, whereas the tablet, 4G device and a camera is going to be launched in the second half of 2015. The smartphone by Kodak targets those consumers who love taking amazing and extraordinary pictures, but they hate the idea of complex smartphones.

The consumers who looking for high end experience, but they do not feel comfortable with complex and convoluted devices. Kodak has guaranteed to launch a smartphone that promises a very user friendly Interface and the phone has a great design.

Bullitt Group, which is also famous for creating rugged CAT-branded smartphones is happy to join hands with Kodak for the creation this simply yet amazing smartphone. However, the companies have just announced the launch of Android at CES 2015; they have not given any other details regarding the product.

So far all we know is that the main focus of the mobile phone will be on the camera and its imaging capabilities. The CEO of Bullitt Mobile, Oliver Schulte said that Kodak is among the world leading brands and it is trusted and recognized by many consumers throughout the world.  

He also said that the company is an epitome among the world of innovation and quality. In addition to this, he said that Bullitt Mobile manufacture has taken the Kodak ‘heritage’ and used it to build amazing mobile phones.

These inspiring mobile phones will come in a wide range and they will please the aesthetic sense of the people. These smartphones will allow users not only to take great pictures but also store, share, edit and print them in an instant, according to Schulte. 

Unlike many other smartphones, Kodak mobile phone range will not compromise on user experience and design. The company plans to pay close attention to both the usability factor as well as the design factor.

These smartphones will target that segment of the market which is under served as this phone will provide them with both simplicity and amazing design, according to Schulte. He also said that, Kodak phone will appeal to people who want to have an easy access to sharing and printing services along with the latest Android and features that are part of expensive, high end smartphones. 

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Other companies that are going to launch smartphones that primarily focus on mobile phone include Samsung, Panasonic and Nikon. These companies will launch their phones at CES 2015 in Las Vegas. CES 2015 will start on the 6th of January and it will last for three days. 

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