Nadine Leopold Instagram Hottest Pics

Nadine Leopold Instagram Hottest Pictures

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  • Nadine Leopold and Harry Styles /4/be more than just Friends.

Victoria’s Secret supermodel, Nadine Leopold and Harry Styles /4/be much more than just good friends. She /4/be his new girlfriend after all.

As her Instagram pics prove, Nadine Leopold is one sexy and funky babe with a kickass attitude to match. Her flowing blonde locks and super smart body can send any male off into his wildest fantasies in his mind.

20-year-old Nadine Leopold is the first Austrian model who works for Victoria’s Secret. Karlie has 93.8K followers on Instagram while her twitter followers are 11.7K.


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See the Hottest Instagram Photos of Nadine Leopold.

Nadine Leopold is currently the arm candy of none other than One Direction’s Harry Styles. Harry often chooses a new girlfriend when new year’s eve arrives and sure enough this time it is the flaxen haired beauty who is his love interest.

She was earlier on seen emerging from a nightclub with him. It was supposed in the beginning that she was just a platonic friend. But now it seems there is more than meets the eye. The two /4/just be seriously involved with each other.

They were spotted in Los Angeles and were not exactly engaging in angelic behavior in the City of Angels. And they also were there together in NYC which is also known as The Big Apple. Harry looked happy and as for Nadine she was on top of the world.   

See the Best Instagram photos of Nadine Leopold.

Harry, as everyone knows, belongs to One Direction, the #1 boy band in the world currently. And Nadine is no non-entity either. She is a Victoria’s Secret model and has a physique and face that are the stuff that the stories of mermaids and sirens tell of.

New for @victoriassecret swim @imgmodels

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Harry is one lucky guy to have such a fantasy figure to enjoy the company of. They also had other people along with their girlfriends with them so it looked like Double Dutch dating. But now the media has confirmed that what looks like the beginning of a romance is for real.

Harry has the hots for Nadine and he is really going gaga over her as far as excitement and exploration are concerned. The two make quite a couple. Let’s see where this flirtation and foxiness leads.

Nadine Leopold Instagram Pics Show Why She is Harry Styles’ Girlfriend.

Maybe one day marriage /4/be in the cards. For now the Instagram pics of Nadine Leopold show her in various stages of undress. She has a straw hat held in front of her boobs in one pic. Then another very sexy one shows her back side and it is an hourglass figure alright.

A third and a fourth portrays her in a colorful bikini. Then there is one where she is so super fit that you want to just continue gazing at her frame. Harry must be dripping with testosterone when Nadine Leopold is by his side all the time. 

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