NAIAS 2015: Ford GT wins Eyeson Design Prize for Best Production Vehicle

NAIAS 2015: Ford GT wins Eyeson Design Prize for Best Production Vehicle

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  • Ford GT supercar will have the most powerful EcoBoost production engine ever making 600-plus horsepower.

All-new Ford GT supercar wins coveted EyesOn Design Award for best production vehicle at the 2015 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Ford GT production will start in 2016 and it will reach in select global markets to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Ford GT race cars.

The Detroit Auto Show or the North American International Auto Show 2015 is abuzz with the possible contenders for the coveted Design Prize for the best production vehicle.

There are a few strong contenders for the prize at NAIAS 2015 this year, but one contender that stands out at NAIAS 2015 is the all new Ford GT, it is simply amazing, there are no other words that could sum up the vehicle for has unveiled at NAIAS 2015.

Ford and its employees have been honored at NAIAS 2015, be receiving the Eyeson Design for the Ford GT, which is the official design awards for the NAIAS 2015.

The award is given to the best production and concept vehicles that have been presented at the Detroit Auto Show 2015. Previous and current design leaders from the automakers industry and top art schools transportation departments, make up the panel of judges. 

Ford has always been remained committed to performance and innovation and they have proven that they are able to do both with the new Ford GT that was unveiled at NAIAS 2015 this week.  

The original GT40 can still be seen in the all new Ford GT, the essence of what made the car great remains, but the technology incorporated into the new version, enhances its speed, grace and allows it to compete with supercars. 

The Ford GT at NAIAS 2015 honors Ford’s commitment to innovation through the usage of advanced light weight composites, aerodynamics, and through performance, to improve their vehicles and remain ahead.  

All-new Ford GT supercar unveiled by Ford at NAIAS 2015 caught the eye of everyone, Ford lovers and even some non Ford Lovers. This truly is a car that has been eye candy not just one, but a jar full, in simple words it’s a bombshell. The aerodynamics on the new Ford GT is beyond belief.

Ford has outdone itself at the Detroit Auto Show 2015. It might even be considered the show stopper of NAIAS 2015. Looking at it is impressive, but its stats are even more impressive, with over 600 HP, full carbon-fiber construction and body panels. It is now a part of the exotic cars and it can hold its own among them.

The body of the supercar is an advance lightweight carbon fibre. The light weight carbon fibre is something, which Ford will use in its entire lineup, moving forward into the future. The aerodynamically built car retains its original GT40 looks, every slope and shape is designed to make it look sleeker and aerodynamic.

The design of the car, its cuts and slopes are  not just for look but for a purpose, they ensure a reduction in drag, with a rear spoiler that adjusts to the conditions or by the driver, this is only one of the reasons why the GT stood out at the NAIAS 2015. 

The GT has been fitted with a next generation engine, considered to the most powerful Ecoboost production twin turbo charged engine, which generates over 600 plus horsepower, with remarkable ease, the engine is also a key reason for the fortitude of the racing derived powertrain.

The Ford GT has 600 plus HP, Ford is not getting this power from a regular V-8, they have taken it up a notch and fitted the Ford GT, presented at NAIAS 2015 with twin-turbo charged 3.5-L EcoBoost V-6 engine, simply amazing.

The new technology in the engine is the key reason that this GT stands out among the other contenders for the coveted Eyeson Design award at NAIAS 2015.

Along with the V6 engine, Ford has a seven speed dual clutch transaxle, which enables to make gear changes in seconds; this also enables the driver to exceptional control. 

As mentioned before the vehicle presented by Ford at NAIAS 2015 is in a new league of its own. Ford has designed the Ford GT to compete with exotic cars such as Audi, BMW and Bugatti, just to name a few. Ford not only designed for a vehicle to compete with exotic cars in presentation but also in engineering.

The multiposition rear wing of the car slightly copies some other exotic vehicles to help keep it planted at speed. Ford has used an active suspension, they also have used inboard and the ride height is adjustable. This a quick overlook of what Ford has unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show 2015.

In all the engineering the Ford did to make the Ford GT: The Star Spangled stand out at the Detroit Auto Show 2015, they never lost the essence of what the original Ford GT looked like.

It retains its wide front, which was a trademark for the Ford GT, the rest is all new and all super car. The design and speed that Ford claims that the Ford GT can reach will give other exotic car makers a run for their money and a need to step up their game.

The NAIAS 2015 has honored Ford and its employees with such a prestigious award it verifies the all new super car remains true to the company’s promise of remaining dedicated to enhancing their vehicles through innovation and performance. 

Even though Motor Company has unveiled the super car at NAIAS 2015, the company will not start production until the start of 2016. This allows Ford to celebrate its 50th anniversary with the roll out of the Ford GT super car at the 1966 24 Hours of Le Mans, it will then be arriving in selected global markets to commemorate the company’s golden 50th Anniversary. 

NAIAS 2015 started on January 12th in COBO Center, Detroit, Michigan and it will end on January 25, 2015.

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