NANOPLUG: World’s Smallest Hearing Aid

NANOPLUG: World's Smallest Hearing Aid

  • NANOPLUG is the World’s First Invisible Hearing Device.

The company NANOPLUG brings you the smallest hearing device in the world.

It is totally hidden in the ear, can fit there with efficiency, is user-friendly and most of all it is relatively inexpensive. Now the millions of people suffering from hearing loss in the world can benefit from this technology. It is for those who have mild to moderate hearing loss. And the good thing is that it is half the size of the devices on the market.

Smaller than a coffee been and larger than a grain of glutinous rice, the device is ideal for anyone who is embarrassed by the sheer size of today’s hearing aids. Its dimensions are 7.1 mm x 5.7 mm x 4.17 mm. It is completely fittable in the vicinity of your own home and can be used in conjunction with mobile phones too.

The device has been made possible thanks to nanotechnology. The fact that you have hearing loss /4/be kept a secret while you travel the world unconscious of your handicap. It fits into a crevice in the ear and allows nobody except you to know that you have it in your ear. Now isn’t that a miracle and a boon?  

Say goodbye to the chunky and large hearing aids of the past. Thanks to nanotechnology, now you have the best and the rest of the half-baked devices can be ignored without an afterthought. And its design is so ultramodern that nothing can beat it. This is what we can truly call a revolutionary hearing aid. It is a game changer and makes lives easier.

A facility par excellence, the device is a wonder that can be held in the palm of your hand (or between the index finger and the thumb). There are several advantages to this device. One of the foremost is that you do not need to lose an arm and a leg in order buy one.

Its Acous-Tap technology allows the noise-to-signal ratio to be adjusted and all that chaos found in ordinary devices can be detotalized at a moment’s notice. Even holding a conversation on a smartphone and looking normal can be managed via this device.

The fact that hearing aids ought not cost two grand has been made possible thanks to NANOPLUG. The real core of the device is the battery which is so small that it can make the device virtually invisible once it is implanted in the ear.

Over six days can be used up without recharging the battery. It is a marvel and a wonder and its many features make it the best a hearing impaired person can get!  

NANOPLUG’s Indiegogo campaign started on /9/29 and it will close on December 08, 2014.

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