NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover Traverses Martian Terrain

NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover Traverses Martian Terrain

Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

NASA’s Curiosity Rover traversed the Martian terrain on the Red Planet recently. The pics of the scene are definitely worth watching.

NASA’s Curiosity Mars Rover slowly and steadily made its way up a steep path on the Martian landscape. This was after the goal seemed impossible to reach. It was over 70 feet of land that had to be covered and the angles that had to be climbed ranged all the up to 21 degrees. Soon  the Curiosity Rover found itself in an area where two distinct foundational rocks met in unison. 

The objective of the probe vehicle was to examine one of the two types of rocks in the region. Just 14 days ago this selfsame vehicle was going towards the lower loci on Martian soil.

The team responsible for the vehicle than chose a detour and the whole route was changed for the better. Such problems arise often and they have to be dealt with promptly and decisively. The Martian landscape is a maze and a difficult thing to ride over. 

Polygonal sand ripples have created hurdles in the path of NASA’s vehicle in erstwhile times. The more jagged rocks on the way proved to be an impediment too. This time around the ripples were avoided but the more stable terrain proved tricky to traverse.

Wheel slippage was a constant issue and when this occurred, the Rover stood stock still in order to avoid any more slippage. Inside the vehicle, there was a device that determined the slippage rate with accuracy. 

From Jocko Butte, the Rover had headed out in the direction of Logan Pass. The goal was crystal clear, only the means of getting there were a bit problematic. The Rover has experienced more steeper and slippier terrains in the past, so this one was supposed not to be much of a challenge.

The goal was kept a constant and different routes to it were explored for better or worse. A couple of days were spent trying to maneuver the vehicle from the long distance involved.   

Meanwhile, the pics that have reached earth of the Martian landscape are absolutely wonderful. They are proof that, though it is barren and lifeless, the environment of Mars is beautiful to behold.

The Curiosity Rover has been scrutinizing the Red Planet since the past three years or so. It is living proof of the fact that humankind is more than just a biological entity limited by hormones. Another thing is that creativity is indeed our defining quality as a species as well as the highest good.  

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