NBC Fires Today Show Head Jamie Horowitz Just After 10 Weeks

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NBC Fires Today Show Head Jamie Horowitz Just After 10 Weeks

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Jamie was brought in to save NBC’s morning show just 10 weeks ago but he was fired from the show yesterday.

Jamie used to be an executive at ESPN and he was brought in 10 weeks ago so that NBC could save the Today show. Several people complained about Jamie Horowitz and they weren’t happy with his behavior on the show and that is why the NBC bosses thought that it would be in best interest for everyone to fire Jamie Horowitz.

They thought firing one guy was better than firing the whole crew. Jamie also had a string of conflicts with management of NBC News. The president of NBC News Deborah Turness said that she and Jamie Horowitz believe that this is not the right fit and that things aren’t working out at all.

This is why the both parties have decided to part ways and go along their ways. The NBC president made sure that she didn’t use the words ‘fired’ when describing Jamie’s position and said that the decision was made mutually.

It was reported some days ago that Jamie had a conflict on the set of ‘Today’. People knew from the start that these both parties can’t work together and that is exactly what happened on Monday when Jamie was fired from his position.

It was also reported that Jamie and Natalie Morales had a fight between each other. Natalie is the show’s long serving and very popular newsreader. Tamron Hall was a new member of the broadcast team and they both had a problem with Jamie Horowitz.

Things turned ugly at the show and Jamie had to be released from the show. Whereas NBC said that the reports coming in the media are false and that nothing of the nature has happened at the Today show.

The viewers also started criticizing Horowitz and they all thought that he wasn’t a good fit for the show. The viewers were also furious when the co-anchor Ann Curry was fired from the show two years ago.

Senior bosses at NBC said that they didn’t wanted to see another female anchor being fired because they remember the last time when Ann was fired from the show. NBC News has been in competition with ABC News for quite some time now and this whole routine of hiring and firing people isn’t doing wonders for the show.

Horowitz is going to be a big loss for NBC as he was known to be a good young producer and an executive at ESPN. The Today show is NBC’s biggest profit center and it hasn’t been great for NBC in the past weeks.

They are worried whether they will lose their loyal viewers. ABC’s Good Morning American and NBC’s Today show are the main rival shows. But when it comes to ratings, Good Morning America has a far greater viewership. NBC is trying to change all of that by trying to bring in a quality host this time around.

Source: NYTimes

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