Near Tragedy struck Angelina Jolie on the screening of Unbroken

Near Tragedy struck Angelina Jolie on the screening of Unbroken

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  • Angelina Jolie arrived looking like a vision in white for her film, Unbroken screening unaccompanied by her husband.
  • She posed with fans and talked a little about the movie.

Her hired car reversed and skidded due to the rain into the curb. The back tires of the car blasted and could have been feigned as an accident.

Angelina Jolie arrived at the Writer’s Guild Theater in Beverly Hills for the screening of her new film, Unbroken. Unbroken is Angelina’s second directorial endeavor and she has been using her public image to promote the movie. She arrived on the scene in white and looked stunning.

She wore a white dress complimenting her porcelain skin and wore a white cashmere coat over it. She accessorized her outfit with black shades, nude pumps and a classic Louis Vuitton bag. She signed various autographs and posed with waiting fans as she headed inside the theater. All the while, there was one speculation.

Where was Angie’s husband?

Brad Pitt was not accompanying his beautiful wife on the screening and this won’t be the first time. She was escorted by the Armed Forces men on the London premiere of the movie. Angie’s only wanted to talk about the movie though. She admitted that she enjoyed directing. It’s perks and challenges and seeing a story through. She defended the movie after comments about the brutal scenes in the film. 

She said that the movie is the story of Lois Zamperini. A World War II veteran who was stranded in the Pacific Ocean after his plane crashed. He was taken PoW in 1943 at a Japanese camp and endured torture at the hands of a sadistic Japanese officer when he washed ashore on the camp.

Even after that he returned and ran in the 1936 Berlin Olympics. The story was written by Coen brothers and Angelina even went to meet Lois personally thanking him for sharing his story. She has been emotionally invested in the movie. She said that it was a movie about a hero and her children thought so too when they watched the movie with her.

All seemed to be going well when Angelina came after the screening and got into the hired car. It had been raining and as the car reversed, it got out of control and skidded to the curbside on the opposite side of the road. According to sources from X17 Online, witnesses said that the car reversed at a significant speed as it hit the curb.

The back tires of the car exploded at the impact. Angelina might have thought it was an accident and they had hit another car. Luckily no harm came to the brilliant actress and she was soon driven off in another rental car. She would definitely be up and about in no time we hope. 

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