NeNe Leakes Enjoys with Total Divas

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NeNe Leakes has another aspect of her nature other than that which gets shown on TV. She has shown that not only is she a good actress but also a good human being.

The famous NeNe faced some challenging remarks from Kenya Moore when she said that she can donate more than NeNe because she earns way more than she earns from her show.  

Moore has donated $20k for Detroit (the city where Moore grew up) and in order to meet the challenge NeNe has to donate the same amount of money or more to the same city.  

No doubt charities, alms and donations are for the well being of the poor, but making it a showpiece is not worth it. There are many stars that come forward for the good cause and make it public. 

But their act has no intention of boasting about oneself. The sole purpose of making it public is to create some awareness. 

But here a great deal of disappointment can be felt as the stars are challenging each other for donating more than they actually want to give. This gives a negative and wrong impression. 

But NeNe’s acting abilities cannot be ignored. This can be seen in her famous show “The Real Housewives of Atlanta”. She made an appearance on a WWE show where she proved that she is not less than any other actor in the industry. 

She was seen with some of the famous stars of WWE like Brie Bella, Rosa Mendes, Nattie, and Trinity. They enacted a drama on the stage where NeNe was found doing her thing she is best at (get into some finger snapping, catchphrase-throwing drama). 

Although it was just an enactment, but she enjoyed it thoroughly, and she proved once and for all that she was one of the finest actors and she wrote about her victory in the following words:

“I totally celebrated with my team last nite #WWERAW #totaldivas #goodgirls,”  

Her hanging out with the WWE divas is unusual but interesting at the same time. Her silence against the comments of Moore makes her a dignified person. 

So far, no comments or statements have come from her side which is a good sign. The stars should refrain from passing remarks. This /4/hurt and /4/give a bad impression to their stardom.

Source: WetPaint , TMZ

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