New 3-D mapping tech to be featured at CES 2015

New 3-D mapping tech to be featured at CES 2015


TRX Systems will show NEON FeatureSLAM

TRX Systems is known for their patented NEON Indoor location and mapping system. The company has announced that they will be one of the exhibitors at the upcoming International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. CES 2015, as the event is also known by, will take place from January 6th through the 9th and TRX Systems will be there for the four days. The TRX Systems booth will be located at the Sands on Level 2, which is also the base of Eureka Park. Eureka Park will be the biggest collection of startups to be featured at CES 2015. TRX Systems will be showcasing their new NEON FeatureSLAM 3-D mapping and location software at CES 2015.

When developing the NEON FeatureSLAM software, TRX Systems developers wanted to develop a product where users would be able to get real time data no matter where they were. That would mean if they were above ground or underground. FeatureSLAM takes information from all kinds of data such as GPS and WiFi signal. NEON FeatureSLAM also has a correction feature which will allow a person to get precise location and mapping schematics no matter where something is or what it is. Without these patented correction features that come with FeatureSLAM, readings could be off and the information that is given back could be incorrect.

Another excellent feature of the NEON FeatureSLAM application is that it is cloud based. Also, TRX Systems crowdsources maps and other indoor navigation tools. Public safety institutions from all over the world are showing interest in this new technology as it would be vital in certain rescue operations and also on working emergency plans in buildings during things such as fires, earthquakes, and terroristic events. TRX Systems was lauded in 2013 by the United States Small Business Administration for governmental research and innovative technology development. The company also won the third annual Global Security Challenge and also has received strong support and commendation from the National Science Foundation.

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