New iPad mini: Now available for pickup at select US Apple Stores

New iPad mini: Now available for pickup at select US Apple Stores
  • iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3 available at few Apple stores in the East
  • Areas farther west are still showing “Ships to Apple Store”
  • Both iPads getting positive reviews


The in-store sales of its new iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 tablets were initiated by Apple on Wednesday

The in-store pickup stock tool of the Online Apple Store has listed the new iPads as available for purchase from the brick-and-mortar locations along the U.S. East Coast. However some checks done at the far west side have revealed that “Ships to Apple Store” is still visible meaning that the iPads haven’t yet arrived in stock. This online stocking system information which has been revealed has been confirmed by AppleInsider which made calls to the local Apple Stores.

There are a few iPad mini 3 models which are still not being shipped to the Apple stores and are still carrying the ‘Coming Soon’ tag on the company’s official online stores. This status has also been confirmed from calls to Apple stores and the representatives are not sure about the availability of the device.

The two new iPad models, the iPad Air 2 and the iPad mini 3, were announced at the exclusive event last week. We had all been looking forward to the power pack iPad Air 2 which features an A8X SoC, laminated display with antireflective coating and 10-hour battery life in a chassis which has now been slimmed-down to only 6.1mm thick. The iPad mini 3 on the other hand have shown lesser improvements in comparison to the last year’s model and the only new things we have seen include a Touch ID and a gold color option to the table.

With a follow up to the reviews, it was seen that most of the users turned out to be happy with their new iPads generating positive reviews. The Guardian claims the iPad Air 2 to be the best iPad Apple has ever produced and the iPad mini 3 also gets in some positive feedback as The Guardian reports, “The iPad mini 3 is a solid smaller tablet. It is well-built, feels great in the hand and the Touch ID sensor is useful.” However, it has often been compared to its predecessor and people are disappointment with the lack of major enhancement it has showed.

“Unlike the Air 2, the new Mini has not been upgraded with Apple’s latest processor. This means that internally, it is almost identical to last year’s iPad Mini 2, which Apple is still selling for $299 and up.” – New York Times

source: appleinsider

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