New iPhone 6 Plus Bend Test confirms Viral Bend Test Video is Real

New iPhone 6 Plus Bend Test confirms Viral Bend Test Video is Real

Unbox Therapy

While Apple has moved on the offensive against BendGate the viral video from Unbox Therapy has been scrutinized. There is a inconsistency in the video that could be seen as indicator that it is fake. Problem is other iPhone 6 Plus Bend Test videos come to the same result. The iPhone 6 Plus bends quite easily.

BendGate is real at least in people’s minds. A video that demonstrates how a iPhone 6 Plus is bending just with bare hands has gone super viral. The video has now over to 32 million views. Unbox Therapy has now made a ton of Youtube advertising Dollars with the iPhone 6 Plus Bend Test.

The video from Unbox Therapy does show that the iPhone 6 Plus bends relatively easy. In the video you see Lewis Hilsenteger bend the iPhone 6 with his hands and it folds right under the volume buttons. This means there is a weak spot in the iPhone 6 frame. 

Now we have seen also older iPhone models bend, but it seems it does take less force to bend the iPhone 6 Plus.

As reported, Apple commented on BendGate and said that only 9 iPhone 6 owners came forward and reported a bent iPhone. Apple also went to great length demonstrating how rigorous they tested the iPhone 6. The Unbox Therapy video also got now scrutinized and some say it might not be real. The basis for this is that there is a inconsistency of the time displayed on the iPhone 6 Plus (Pocket-Lint) getting bent on the video. Unbox Therapy should actually explain this. That the iPhone 6 Plus bends rather easily is though confirmed by other bend test.

German Computer Bild magazine posted a video and the tester is surprised how rather easily it bends. The iPhone 6 Plus bends the most at the same location as in the video on Unbox Therapy. Watch below.

Consumer Reports announced to get in on the iPhone 6 Plus bend test action. They said to set up a test right now that will give scientific results on the iPhone 6 Plus bending issue.

I think Apple should have made the iPhone 6 not as thin as it is. Alone for the sake of making the camera lens not stick out. It would have also make the iPhone 6 more stable. Does this mean that Apple has a BendGate? It has one in PR. Social media is going nuts with funny jokes about BendGate. Depending how long that goes on, Apple will have to react somehow to it. Today #BendGate is trending again. So expect more BendGate jokes to surface today. We have compiled the funniest BendGate Jokes.

Unbox Therapy has added a new video with other phones getting exposed to the Bend Test including the HTC One M8, iPhone 6, Moto X and others. Watch below.

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