NFL Picks for the Fifth Week show some Interesting Trends

NFL Picks for the Fifth Week show some Interesting Trends

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The NFL picks for the fifth week show some interesting trends. And the fourth week had played its role in the results as well.

Week number five of the NFL picks will be discussed shortly. But week four needs attention too. The case of the beer swilling (and spilling) that the Redskins managed to cause requires a different place and time for discussion. 

But suffice it to say that they sold some out of date beer. This /4/seem a small irritant of sorts since many times beer reaches its expiry date yet just like fine vintage wine it only makes it taste all the better. 

Especially at a frat party in college or while chugalugging a Keystone Light one gets precisely a feeling of ingesting cheap beer that has passed its freshness date. 

Now, coming back to the topic at hand from which we digressed so sharply…in the second week, Jay Cutler took a belly whopper from Quinton Dial. In the third week, Matt Ryan nearly lost his eyesight due to a mishap. 

Coming to week four, Matthew Stafford nearly died due to a huge structure that missed him by inches. These incidents and accidents caused some high level chaos indeed. Arriving at the fifth week picks…Chicago and Carolina were engaged in a tussle. 

The Panthers and the Bears also were daggers drawn at each other. In the end the Bears won 20-17 over the Panthers, Meanwhile, the Colts won 34-30 over the Ravens, which is a very smart and sweet victory indeed. As for the Cowboys, they beat the Texans by 31-24. 

The 49ers gave the Chiefs their comeuppance by a 34-31 cream-them-mentality showdown. And last but not least the Bengals whipped the Patriots by a 30-17 margin. Besides these the rest of the winners and losers in the fifth week can be summarized below: 

The Victors: Packers, Browns, Eagles, Giants, Saints, Lions, Steelers, Broncos, Chargers and Seahawks. 

The Vanquished: Vikings, Titans, Rams, Falcons, Buccaneers, Bills, Jaguars, Cardinals, Jets and Redskins.   

That was the clash of the clinchers and it shows that a little bit of extra effort goes a long way. 

Source: CBS Sports

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